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British Columbia Cross Country Skiing Holidays

Read all about where to cross country ski in British Columbia. Find out where the best spots are to explore and the best clothing to wear on your cross country skiing adventure!

Essential Equipment for Your Alternative Road Trip

Banger Rallies are road trips with a difference. “Competitors” get together in a very old, low value car and drive it in a way that it hasn’t been driven for a while. The aim is to find a car under a certain value, decorate it then embark on a truly epic road trip that will test your skills (and friendships) to the max.

Get a ‘Big Catch’ With Salmon Fishing Charters

Fishing Charters can give you a once in lifetime experience in sport fishing. There is so much of adventure that you can enjoy by hiring such charters. The most interesting aspect about hiring such charters is that they can take you across some of the most scenic location and give you access to water regions that abound in the biggest fish varieties.

Enjoy Thrilling Sport Fishing Adventures With Fishing Charters

British Columbia is well-known for offering some of the most sought after game fish and anglers from all across the world. Most of them come here because BC’s waters offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy some of the most thrilling sport fishing adventures in the world. BC Fishing Charters will take on an exiting vacation journey in the best ocean sport fishing waters.

Have a Wonderful Stay at Kerala Hotels With Exclusive Tour Packages

Kerala is a true example of natural beauty; do not miss the opportunity to visit to the god’s own country. Experience the beauty of nature with exclusive Kerala tour packages and make a comfortable and memorable stay at Kerala Hotels.

What Is Reverse Culture Shock?

“Reverse Culture Shock” is a term used to describe the cultural crisis and psychological distress that may or may not occur when an individual returns to the home culture and country after living for a prolonged period of time abroad in a foreign culture and country. This article explores the causes, signs and symptoms of RCS and offers professional tips on how to prevent and deal with RCS if it strikes you.

Fishing Charters Offer Thrilling Sport Fishing Adventure Trips

The best way to describe Prince Rupert is “Where Canada’s Wilderness Begins”. Prince Rupert is known for not just its beautiful wilderness, but its waters that abound in some of the most exotic fish varieties. You can find some of the biggest Salmon varieties here and for sport fishers coming to Prince Rupert is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Scuba Diving on the Great Mayan Reef in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

I squished my mask onto my face, tightened the straps on my BCD, wrapped my lips around my regulator, and rolled backwards over the side of the dive boat. Now I’m kneeling on the ocean floor. A coral wall towers above me on my right and white corn flour sand stretches out into the blue on my left. An endangered green sea turtle nibbles turtle grass. Both he and the grass wave in the undersea wind.

Perfume Pagoda Tour

O8:10 AM is a good time to depart to Perfume pagoda because the trafic is not heavy. It will take you about 2.5 hour to drive through the beautiful countryside.

Mt Rinjani

Undoubtedly readers are familiar with Bali, a tourist mecca right in the middle of Indonesian Archipelago. It has fantastic surfing, and waves and riptides in the south that are just too dangerous to mess with. People flock to Bali to relax, surf, and bask in the sun in a tropical paradise. The island east of Bali is little heard of Lombok. Lombok is where you want you go if you want to climb Mt. Rinjani, which is, in my opinion perhaps the most dynamic volcano in the world. Lombok and Bali apparently did not keep close ties throughout history. While Bali is oddly enough predominately Hindu, Lombok has mostly converted from animism to Christianity.

Finding Pretty Places Anywhere In Japan

Japan has an abundance of (some like myself say blessed with) two things: water and mountains. In fact, go anywhere in archipelago and you will find mountains not far away. In generally, the larger mountains, the so-called Japanese Alps which are known for their awesome beauty and adventure, are to be found in the north while all along the Eastern seaboard and into the southern island of Kyushu are much smaller but nevertheless numerous ranges of pretty green and steeply sloped mountains. The size of a mountain is not necessarily a determinant of its beauty, but of course smaller mountains are much more likely to be ‘manhandled’ than giant ones.

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