Raja Ampat to Wakatobi Snorkel Safari in 60 Seconds

The Rio Nuevo Battle Site

One memorial had invited me to look at the individuals who lost their lives here, including the Mexicans. They had emotions like me and you, they felt pain like me and you, they bled like me and you and probably loved and felt loved like me and you. The other memorial in the gazebo simply proclaimed the victory.

The River Kwai – Kanchanaburi Travel Guide

Kanchanaburi is the largest of the western provinces of Thailand. Neighboring provinces are Tak, Uthai Thani, Suphan Buri, Nakhon Pathom and Ratchaburi. Kanchanaburi city, the capital of Kanchanaburi Province, is a popular resort town and has become a major tourist destination with attractions which offer an intriguing experience for both first-time and repeat visitors by its long history and ancient civilizations, a location of the Bridge over the River Kwai as it is known internationally and scene of the historic World War II.

Kokoda Spirit – An Oxymoron!

The four words etched in granite on the Isurava Memorial – courage, mateship, sacrifice and endurance – were selected to represent the qualities of our soldiers who fought in the Kokoda campaign. The memorial was officially opened by PNG Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare and Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, on the 60th anniversary of the battle for Isurava in 2002. The event stirred a dormant interest in our wartime history as Australians from all walks of life were inspired to trek in the footsteps of our diggers. Until this time only a handful of trek operators specialising in the wartime history of the Kokoda campaign led groups across the Kokoda Trail.

Adventures in Shanghai China

It was holiday time in China’s Anhui province. We were looking forward to pleasant strolls throughout some of China’s idyllic, charming fishing villages before living it up in the great city of Shanghai – or so we thought!

Uganda Tours Enrich Customers With Amazing Traveling Experience

Make bookings for Uganda tours for exploring untouched beauty of the beautiful country. The country has so much to offer to its customers that they will have time of their life while exploring the place.

Uganda Safaris: “Not To Miss” Opportunity

Discover innumerable wonders of Uganda for gaining once in a lifetime experience. For discovering the magic, make bookings for Uganda safaris in advance through reputed travel and tour company of East Africa.

Adventure Trips in Peru

An adventure trip to Peru offers lots of activities for a complete family holiday. Peru is the ideal spot for adventure.

Flora and Fauna Of Malaysia

The geographical diversity of Malaysia make this country, a home to a wide variety of rich flora and fauna. With almost 70% of the land covered with lush green tropical forests, Malaysia is truly a paradise for every traveler. Every year millions of holiday-makers visit this country to explore the true natural beauty of its flora and fauna.

Whales Teach Abundance

While struggling with lack of financial abundance, the whales taught me a very important lesson about how I was blocking the flow of abundance in my life. As result, my financial situation has completely turned around and the money and abundance is flowing in steadily.

All Seasons Are An Excellent Time To Escape To Ski Condos

It does not matter if you own one, visit one belonging to a friend, or rent one, going to ski condos is like a vacation in paradise. It is perfect for an inexpensive vacation or weekend getaway. Share the costs with friends or family to take an affordable vacation that takes you away from daily routines. Many condos have multiple bedrooms, so they are perfect for sharing.

Relaxing Holidays in Asia

Most people travel to Asia for exciting adventures replete with jungle treks and forays into buzzing metropolises. Indeed, this is an exciting part of the world and for many people it represents a very different atmosphere which begs to be explored. That said, the area offers some great spots for relaxing as well and you can find some amazing, affordable place to let all of your cares slip away. Here are three Asian destinations where you can chill out and unwind after your exhilarating adventures.

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