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Preparing Yourself For The Perfect Hiking Experience

Hiking is not just a sport just like every other outdoor sport that we have known, it is one of the most thought provoking and exciting activities that we ever can pander to. Although, in our over eagerness and keenness, we often ignore the basics. Eventually, this leads to numerous amounts of tragedies, as the one’s gone for hike were not very well equipped and prepared for the circumstances that arise.

Journey to Deer Dancer Ranch

In late April I attended a shamanic retreat at Deer Dancer Ranch in South Texas. About 40 people joined us from the U.S., and a lovely lady brought her presence from the rainforest of Brazil. We either camped out on the 500-acre ranch, or lodged in the bunkhouse. The ranch was filled with a lot of animals including buffalo. They roamed pm acreage near the entry of the ranch (and a number of baby calves had just been born), and there were a couple varieties of deer as well. The land boasted several huge meadows, a lake and lots of open space. The owners and their friends had worked hard to restore the land to its natural state (people had actually used this place as a dumping ground and when the owners purchased it, it was covered in tires and beer cans).

Getting the Most Out of Your Walt Disney World Vacation Tickets

Purchasing tickets for your Walt Disney World Vacation is going to be the most expensive part of your vacation. Learn what tickets are going to be the best for your family’s needs.

Canada’s Wonderland – Single Parent Holidays

Canada’s Wonderland – “This place is colossal!” Matthew, at eight years old loves words like “colossal” – his eyes lit up like fireworks when we pulled off the highway and on to surface streets and he first saw the tops of the highest roller coasters at Canada’s Wonderland on the horizon. I too felt a little giddy as I watched the train of coaster cars zip over the top of a loop – upside down. The first of our single parent holidays was about to get started!

What’s Ahead For Injuries At Our Ski Fields This Season?

As the Australian ski fields have transformed in what seems like a matter of days from dry dirt to being covered in record-breaking levels of snow, many Australians are taking advantage of the conditions and rushing off to the mountains. The not-so-happy side of this wintertime fun that is seen by those in the orthopaedic industry is the increasing number injuries.

Universal Orlando’s New Diagon Alley Boasts the Most Magically Engaging Ride Experience

Being able to step inside the scenes and actions of the world’s most magically inspired fiction as a theme park guest is more than a rewarding experience. And the new Diagon Alley attraction, the Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts ride, which opens on July this year is offering just that to the ever increasing fans who had waited on this for so long. The most anticipated ride attraction is indeed the center-piece of the newly launched Harry Potter themed land (that brings to life the London side of the Story) at the Universal Orlando Resort.

Family Safaris in Botswana

This article demonstrates the excitement of a family safari to Botswana. Whatever excites your family, there is something for every member to enjoy on a safari to Botswana.

Antarctica – The Ultimate Wildlife Journey

This article highlights some of the greatest things to spot on a trip to Antarctica. Whatever wildlife you’d like to spot, or whatever takes your fancy, there is something for everyone to see and enjoy.

Cedar Point – Single Parent Holidays

“Best Amusement Park in the World” award (Amusement Today) says a lot. Winning it 16 years says even more! Cedar Point is one of the big ones and at 364 acres of awesome, it’s hard to avoid looking at if amusement parks are what you crave.

Disney World’s Extra Magic Hours – A Unique Advantage One Should Not Miss

Often considered as one of the biggest advantages of staying at a Disney Resort hotel, the special EMH (Extra Magic Hours) option brings along a unique opportunity to enjoy the favorite WDW (Walt Disney World) parks in Orlando, Florida. Whether it’s the Magic Kingdom or Epcot, the Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom, the excitement of exploring the parks during those special hours of the morning or late in the evening is a different experience altogether. For guests staying at any of the WDW Resort hotel and those staying at the Swan, Dolphin, Shades of Green, and Downtown Disney Hilton, EMH offers…

Tips for Hiking in Hawaii

Hawaii is like a hiker’s Heaven. There are hundreds of state-sanctioned, yet challenging, hiking trails across the state. Keep these tips in mind when hiking in Hawaii.

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