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Africa Adventure Safaris Calendar for Upcoming 2011

Africa safaris take you back to nature, to experience, relax you, thrill you and excite you. African wildlife safaris are undoubtedly ultimate vacations offer matchless range of wonders and above all, the chance to view the world’s most stunning wildlife. Here is the safari destinations calendar for forthcoming 2011 in Africa.

Outdoor Adventure Travel in Canada

Don’t hide from winter, embrace the cold! Discover things to do in winter in Canada.

Vacationing In Fleurieu Peninsula on the South Australian Coast

The Fleurieu Peninsula is in the state of South Australia, to the south of Adelaide, the state’s capital city. The peninsula was named by the French explorer Nicolas Baudin, in honor of fellow explorer Charles Pierre Claret de Fleurieu. The peninsula is an attractive and picturesque place.

Adventure Travel Holidays in Spain’s Pueblos Blancos

Inland from Spain’s heavily developed southwestern coastal strip, the Pueblos Blancos sit loftily on Andalucía’s hillsides. These charming “White Villages” acquire their name from their pristinely whitewashed buildings, resplendent and sparkling brightly against the dazzling sun. Perched high on the hills between the coast on the west and the Ronda Mountains on the east, these towns offer an escape into natural surroundings, a glimpse into traditional Spanish life and lots of active adventure…

How To Plan An Adventure Honeymoon

While some want romance and relaxation on their honeymoon, others are looking for a thrilling travel adventure. Here are a few ideas for enjoy a honeymoon that lets you live on the wild side.

Visit Shetland For a Memorable Experience

Visit Shetland for a memorable experience and discover for yourself what you’ve been missing. A list of Shetland islands is a list of Norse names, a legacy from earlier times from before a time when Scotland ruled the northern isles. Some 15 inhabited islands amid an archipelago of around 100 islands make up Shetland today. There are 22,000 people here where nature and wildlife blends into normality. Where the coastal scenery takes your breath away, and where untouched landscapes outnumber developed urban areas.

Shetland Islands Tourism

Shetland islands tourism is alive and well. More and more people are making the journey north to see for themselves what they’ve heard on the grapevine. Some want to see the northern lights, others seek untouched landscapes, Shetland ponies or stunning coastal scenery, and they all find what they are looking for – and much, much more.

A Shetland Islands Journey

No Shetland islands journey could be complete without seeing the Simmer Dim or Up-Helly-Aa, visiting all the islands, experiencing a real force-10 gale, a Folk Festival concert, the Fetlar Foy, enjoying a day on Foula or a walk up Ronas Hill, throwing a stone from the Atlantic Ocean to the North Sea at Mavis Grind. To be honest, a proper visit to the Shetland islands is more than just seeing the notable places and buildings. It’s an experience.

Taiwan Is Batty for Betelnuts

Forget about peanuts, popcorn and Cracker Jack. Forget about pretzels and potato chips. Here in Taiwan, from the toothy reddish grins to scarlet splashes of spit on the ground, Taiwanese chewing gum (“binlang”) is the national craze. Betel nuts are the island’s second largest cash-crop after rice, worth about four billion dollars a year!

What Is the Ideal Car for Namibia? 2×4 and 4×4 Car Hire in Namibia, Africa

There is a plethora of car rental companies in Namibia. Some reputable, some that would never be recommended, and others that should do visitors a favor and simply close shop. So how do you decide the right car rental for your Namibia holiday?

Brussels – Vacation With A Surprise

When you think of Brussels, you probably think of beautiful buildings and beer but did you know that an exceptionally diverse experience awaits you there? Because of its location, it has a wealth of culture and history and being the capital of Belgium, it stands ready to offer you all you could possibly want from a vacation experience but you need a passport to visit.

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