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Train Ticket Cancellation and Refund

Similar to train booking, cancellation is also a very simple process. It involves very few steps and can be done online too. Many times we alter our plans due to certain circumstances. But, there is no reason to worry, as train tickets can be cancelled easily.

Plan Your Travel and Strike a Smart Deal

Can travel be relaxing? Surely, rail travel is relaxing. As a matter of fact, a train journey is ‘THE’ most relaxing way to travel. We all have heard of, if not experienced car sickness, air sickness, and jet lag, swollen feet due to sitting for long hrs traveling, etc.

Train Travel and Train Tickets

Traveling by train is definitely an enlightening experience for all. One can meet many friends, exchange a lot of views and know about people’s various traditions, culture, social and economic conditions of each country and so on. Not only this, it also enriches you with beautiful sights along the rail path throughout the entire journey.

How to Save Money While Buying Train Tickets

Buying train tickets can be quite a tricky affair. Two people buying the same ticket for the same destination from the same place could be buying it for 2 different prices. Surprising?

Buying Cheap Train Tickets Online

Booking train tickets online will assist you in saving the time it takes to pick up a telephone and book tickets with a mediator. Repeatedly, when you call a ticket mediator, you have to go through computerized prompts prior to talking to a real person and you’ll be put on hold.

Growth of Railways and Different Types of Booking Systems

The railway travel industry is growing very fast and now it is in the path of advance development. Its growth is with ongoing innovation and advancement, among the advancement is the online railway ticket booking. This facility can utilize people of any class and religion.

Mobile Service for Online Train Ticket Booking

The Indian Railway has provided the SMS facility for online ticket booking. In this case, one should register with the website of railways for availing this facility. The user should create a “Passenger List” in his profile for the SMS booking.

Plan Your African Safari Holidays

When you consider a land of sunlight, expanses of space, and spectacular scenic splendor, you are probably thinking of African safari holidays. Africa is mesmerizing with its unsurpassed grandeur in its landscapes, wildlife, and adventure. Most people love the idea of visiting the various countries that make up this unique continent. The vast plains, deep forests, stunning landscapes, and abundant wildlife combine to give travelers a memorable experience.

Why Should I Go on an Adventure Holiday?

Does the idea of spending two weeks lying on a beach doing nothing leave you feeling thoroughly uninspired? Are you turned off by the thought of spending your hard-earned holiday money on tacky souvenirs and clichéd tourist attractions?

Snowed Up – Crossing Baguales Peninsula Argentina

Account of a 4 week drive expedition around Lake Nahuel Huapi near Bariloche in Argentina. The expedition team encounters heavy snow, fallen trees and difficult roads to reach a hunting lodge to stay the night.

Holidays in Brazil – Travel Destinations by Activity!

When you plan to travel/spend your holiday in Brazil, your preferable travel destination(s) might depend very much on your favourite activities. Even if there are many beautiful beaches in different places of the world, which is why this should not necessarily be the main reason to visit this country, following a short description of the three main beach types to be found along Brazil’s 8.000 km coast line.

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