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Are You Sure of Your Motorcycle Riding Group?

Even though it is relaxing and fun to ride solo, it’s also very enjoyable to be in a riding group with whom you can share the sights, sounds and listen to all their comments and different points of view about the trip. One thing your riding group should remember is that they must commit to driving safely and adhere to all good road habits.

Getting to Kilimanjaro

The closest international airport to Kilimanjaro is the Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). The airport is served by a limited number of African airlines and an even smaller number of European airlines. KLM is the main carrier that operates a daily flight from Amsterdam direct to Kilimanjaro.

Whale Watching’s Best Kept Secret – Panama

Over 30 species of whale and dolphin make the 1,500 tropical islands that rim Panama home during this country’s uniquely lengthy whale watching season that runs from July to October and again from December through February. It is one of the only places in the world where whales by the thousands migrate from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres to breed and bear their calf. Because of this phenomena whale watchers are afforded extraordinary expeditions featuring massive sightings of these acrobatic creatures.

Turning a Dream Into a Reality

Sometimes a window of opportunity presents itself and if you blink you could miss it. We’ve been talking about our passion for Africa for years. Simply going on holiday there hasn’t been enough for either of us and returning to the UK, at the end of any African holiday becoming more and more of a wrench.

Adventure Lovers Flock to Panama’s Diverse Culture and Scenery

Travelers who are seeking more diverse destinations will find that the Central American country of Panama subsists in a distinctive category for having an impressive portfolio of polychromatic scenery, recognized tribes of indigenous people, a well-documented history, a thriving and hip capital city, abundant oceanic and terrestrial wildlife, sparkling clear oceans and streams and expansive beaches. As a biodiversity hotspot it offers offbeat adventures on both land and sea. Panama not only serves as the bridge between Central and South America but it spans the interests of travelers young and old.

Tips for Planning a Family Safari

A Tanzanian safari is undoubtedly a fantastic holiday for kids – it is at once exciting, educational and, if you plan well, varied and active. Planning a safari which will appeal to both parents and children can seem a little daunting. However, if you follow some simple tips, you can get the best of this amazing trip for both you and your little ones!

Famous Kerala Wildlife Destinations

Kerala is a fascinating tourist destination and equally fascinating is its wildlife. There are many wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala where wildlife lovers come from far and wide. Travel to Kerala and enjoy the sights of enchanting wildlife species, including the sights of endangered ones.

A Tanzania Safari

A visit to the Rubondo Island National Park could easily be incorporated into a Tanzania Safari because this small island is located in the south west section of the lake. It is a fascinating place to see birds and water based animals and there are other islets nearby. There are also larger creatures such as elephants, chimpanzees and giraffes.

Pangong Lake Tour

Pangong Lake is known across the globe for its charismatic beauty which enthralls tourists during their visit to this place. It is one of the high altitude lakes in the world where tourists flock to enjoy the serene and scenic beauty of pristine nature.

Cusco, The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu

The Inca trail to Machu Picchu is considered to be one of the most popular trails in South America. Sleeping for several nights under the crisp Andean night definitely has a special appeal among the several travelers which choose to traverse its beautiful paths every year.

Douglas, Castletown and Port St Mary

After pleasant journey starting from Pier Head in Liverpool to Douglas Harbour, I returned to the Isle of Man after an absence of approximately twenty years. I regularly visit old haunts to reminisce and am usually surprised at the pace of change but the Isle of Man seemed to be stuck in a time warp. I enjoyed revisiting some of the famous features and also discovered some hidden treasures…

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