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Bako National Park’s Little Thieves

Another awakening I had was to become an unexpected witness to a burglary, in broad daylight. The victims were two overseas tourists who had unwittingly left their backpacks on a table at the cafeteria. The thief with great speed and agility grabbed one of the backpacks, jumped up a nearby tree and nonchalantly sat on the branch to unzip the backpack and investigate the booty inside, keeping the stuff it wanted and throwing away the rest. I was a fast learner and kept my overnight bag close to me, like it was my twin sister before birth.

Deep Sea Fishing and Rock Climbing in Angola

There is far more to do and see in Angola then what can be found in the towns. If you are the type of person that enjoys deep sea fishing or the challenge of real rock climbing then there are many places that offer tours that includes both deep sea fishing, rock climbing and the luxury of sleeping in a nice motel at the end of your fun filled days. You will not want to forget to bring your camera so that you can take all the photos of Angola that you can.

Angola Vacations

Angola is situated in south-central Africa, bordered by Namibia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and the Atlantic. The influence of Portuguese colonisation until 1975 can still be seen in much of the country. Angola is now recovering from the post-independence Civil War, and its wealth of natural, architectural and cultural attractions are drawing tourists from all over the world.

Top Five Unique Experiences in Aruba

During your Aruba all inclusive trip, you can experience the natural features and historical landmarks of Aruba that make this vacation unique. For total relaxation, pristine beaches and gentle seas, secluded coves, undisturbed desert terrain and magnificent sunsets are good for the soul.

Travel Trends by Gender

Travel trends have changed a lot over the last century and part of those changes includes how men and women travel. Once upon a time, women were quite adventurous to travel alone and rarely did so. But what about today? How have travel trends changed among the genders?

Broken Hill the Biggest City in the Middle of Nowhere

Best known as the “Silver City” because of the rich deposits of silver and other minerals that are mined there, Broken Hill, is also often thought of as the capital of the outback. The locals jokingly refer to their city as the “biggest city in the middle of nowhere.” Actually, that is a good description and is one of Broken Hill’s most alluring attractions.

Five Popular Tourist Destinations of Kashmir

Ladakh means the land of high passes, also known as the land of endless discoveries, the land of broken moon, little Tibet etc. Ladakh Tour begins with an arrival into Leh, where you will be met at the airport by a Trans India Holidays representative and transferred to the hotel and assisted with check in formalities.

Romantic Get Away For Two – Your Local Hotel

Perhaps last year you and your family enjoyed a stay-cation – a vacation at home. But, now you two want to get away as a couple, not a family. And, you want to “get away” from your home. A stay-cation doesn’t sound that appealing to you, but where can you go quickly, easily, and cheaply? Start by checking out local hotels for a romantic getaway.

Experience Paradise in a Botswana Safari

When you go on a Botswana safari, you will explore an amazing wilderness area on foot, by boat, or game vehicle, or riding on a horse or elephant if the spirit moves you. When you do, you will also be amazed at the diverse habitats this untouched region has to offer, such as a hippo family swimming in the Okavango Delta for example!

Mt. Napulak – The Nipple Top

Mt. Napulak is one of the best mountain peaks to visit in the Philippines. The stunning beauty that you can attest upon reaching the peak is worth the tiring effort that you had to go through in reaching the top. Many say that the trail in going up is a little though, but upon reaching the top, you can finally say to yourself that you finally made it.

Silver Mountain – Rags and Riches in Bolivia

Coca juice numbed my mouth and claustrophobia gnawed at my stomach. My heart thumped with the exertion at this altitude. What the devil was I doing here, deep in the depths of Cerro Rico (rich hill), the mountain that broods over Potosi in Bolivia?

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