November 10, 2022

Machu Picchu: Peru

Here’s how the story goes: One hundred years ago, when Hiram Bingham stumbled across the Lost City of the Incas, he picked himself up, jotted down his find in his notebook and kept on going. It’s hard to believe that Bingham could miss a trick. The intrepid explorer was on an expedition from the US to find a fabled Inca city high in the Andes called Vilcabamba. He was successful. But it was only when he returned home and reported his findings, that he realised the importance of his first discovery.

Planning For Holidays – Prefer Going to Beaches?

If you have plans for your vacations for Panama City beach then you are going to enjoy one of the best vacations of your life. Panama City beach is world’s best beach and famous for its entertaining purposes. Panama City beach vacations are considered as one of the best vacations in the world.

Australian Outback Adventures – Unleashing Awesome South Pacific Vacations

Did you know that more than 80% of the population of Australia lives within 50 kilometers of the coastline? When you consider the size of Australia that tells you there’s a lot of open landscape that’s unpopulated and raw. That landscape, known as the Outback, has the potential to change the way you think about taking a vacation.

The Top 5 Off The Beaten Path Places to Visit in Australia

Australia is a great place for a vacation. With a land mass about the size of the continental United States, there are many great sites to see. Although it’s a long flight, it’s well worth it. These are my top five off the beaten path destinations.

Canoeing on The Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads are traditionally thought of as a boating holiday destination. However there is another way to enjoy the sting wetlands of the Norfolk Broads. Canoeing has been growing in popularity on the Norfolk Broads for some time.

Maldives – The Best Place for Scuba Diving

Many regard Maldives as the best scuba spot on the earth. With unmatchable coral reefs, exceptional marine life and brilliant diving schools – it is surely hard to contradict the point. Grab flights to Maldives and experience the ‘best’ yourself.

Helicopter Tours For Your Flight Of Fancy

Most of us secretly fancy lifestyles of the rich and the famous. At least we want to have a taste of it, no matter how much we deny it. Or some of us seek thrills and adventures like James Bond.

Self Drive African Safaris: 4 Tips That Will Keep You On The Road

Self drive African safaris allow for complete freedom to explore at your own leisurely pace. The responsible intrepid traveler begins their self drive safari here!

Mapping the Kokoda Trail

Trekking the famous Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea will be a little easier with the release of the first topographical map to be produced in 37 years. The map has a scale of 1:50,000 and contains contour lines with spot heights and Global Positioning System Grids; the location of wartime villages, battle-sites, fire-support bases and logistic support areas; detailed map inserts for each major battle of the Kokoda campaign; villages, campsites, lookouts, water points; and traditional and wartime names of mountains, rivers, creeks and significant features Until now the only topographical maps of the Owen Stanley Ranges were…

Botswana Wildlife Safari – Top 3 Places You Have to See

Top three places you have to see on a Botswana Wildlife Safari. A safari in Botswana is home to a plethora of wildlife in some of southern Africa’s most extreme environments – from the arid salt pans of the south to the wetlands of the Okavango Delta and Moremi wildlife reserve…

Botswana Wildlife Safari – Big Cats and Fast Prey

You can expect big cats and fast prey on a Botswana wildlife safari. Game drives in Botswana are like no other found in Africa. The regions of northern Botswana support high densities of diverse game populations and with the ability of safari vehicles to drive…

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