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Five Reasons You Should Couchsurf

How would you like to stay with like-minded people who will show you the best parts of your destination through the eyes of local for absolutely FREE? Here are five reasons you should couchsurf on your next trip.

A Journey on the Old Stagecoach Lines

Travel in the old western frontier was anything but comfortable. Compared to what the modern traveler of today has available, it was outright primitive. To many at the time however, the beginning of overland stagecoach travel was seen as a leap forward for civilization. No longer was the Oregon Trail wagon trains the only method to get to California. The experience of stagecoach travel from the perspective of those who took the trip is an interesting study.

Extreme Activities

There are several interesting things to do while staying at the spacious Newquay holiday apartments. The luxurious Newquay holiday apartments are the most popular choice among tourists as they offer excellent accommodation facilities for both groups and families.

Antarctic Tour, Cruise and Voyage Guide Pt 1 – Must Do List

I know when I went to Antarctica I prepared before going a “Must Do List”. This is a reminder list or goal setting list of the thing you want to achieve while on your Antarctic adventure.

How to Plan and Organize a Mission Trip

See a simple 5 step plan to make organizing a mission trip to Mexico successful and easy. Sometimes leading a mission trip can seem hard and confusing, however, by following these proven steps your mission trip can be a huge success. The steps in this article were used by the author in leading 2-3 mission trips to Mexico each year.

Botswana – Top 5 Things to See

Following on from my other ‘Top things to See’ features, here’s the shortlist for the top 5 things to see in Botswana. It’s a fascinating country and whilst most of the attractions listed below are focused predominantly around wildlife, there is plenty more to this stunning country if you’ve got the time to explore.

A Student Group Dance Trip to New York City

Ahh…New York, New York, so good they named it twice! Known as one of the most popular student group travel destinations in the U.S, New York City offers up a feeling of excitement and value that is unmatched. Student groups can immerse themselves in New York City for five minutes, and see why it’s like no other place in the world.

Torquay Is a Great Holiday Destination

Looking for holiday suggestions on a great location for your holiday this year? See if this is article provides you with enough information for your next relaxing break away.

Fun Facts About Australia: A Snippet Of Information About Australia

Australians have their fair share of fun facts. From having quirky structures at the side of the road to having a not so presentable history, Australia exhibits a range of idiosyncrasies that can baffle the mind. One of the strangest facts about Australia is its vast area yet with very little population.

Fun Facts About Australia To Increase Your Knowledge!

Every country is strange in its own particular way. Some countries may have exceptionally tall people (like the Netherlands); some countries may cover the largest proportion of the earth’s area while holding only a fraction of its populations, (like Canada). Some may be as vast and arid as a desert yet be one of the richest countries of the world (like Saudi Arabia).

Fun Facts About Australia To Get You Started

Australia is a country with contrasting characteristics. It has a vast area, yet its population is only scanty in comparison. Moreover, it is a modern country with skyscrapers and a comparatively advanced work force, yet it was once a colony of convicts.

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