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Dominica Carib People: A Culture on the Edge

If you are planning an adventure holiday to discover history, explore a culture or escape to the nature island in the Caribbean: Consider Dominica, once the fortress of the Carib people. This is a personal account of my visit and research on the culture that has been described as the magnificent savage, a warrior nation and also as a kind and gentle people. The Caribs of Dominica are a fascinating people with a rich culture of being one with nature, infused with myth, mystery, courage and survival. This is an alternative Caribbean holiday, an adventure into the past and an escape to nature.

Sights to See Along I-95

There’s nothing quite like the old fashioned road trip! And with the amazing interstate system all over the U.S. getting from Point A to Point B is quite easy (traffic jams or road construction, not withstanding). Of course, not every interstate is an exciting adventure full of amazing sights, but with a little bit planning ahead, you can find something sure to interest you and your traveling companions.

Keeping Your Kids Occupied While Making the Great American Car Trip

“Are we there yet?” “I have to go to the bathroom!” When will it be lunchtime?” “She’s touching me!” and many other comments like these are the bane of road trips for families everywhere. After all, there is something about being cooped up in a car that seems to bring out the worst.

Where to See Animals in Kenya

Kenya is a great destination for those with a passion for elephants. Firstly, it is home to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, who has an orphanage just outside of Nairobi. This centre was made famous by the BBC programme ‘elephant diaries’ and provides a unique opportunity to get close to young elephants.

Top Ten Cuba Experiences

Cuba is a Caribbean island on the brink of a new era. It’s a brilliant mix of colonial cities, sultry salsa music, big cigars, vintage Cadillac’s and ivory beaches and now is a great time to visit. Here are the top ten things you should think about fitting into your holiday schedule.

Tips to Use a Gas Pump

With the development of the roadside assistance companies, you should not have to be worry of changing your tire or fix any problems with your car such as overheating engine. However, the era of full-service gas station has gone. Nowadays, everybody needs to know the way to pump the gas when they are on a trip. In this matter, you will find that the steps of doing this thing are very easy. The followings are easy steps to pump the gas that you need.

A Perfect Two Week Itinerary in South Africa

For a country with so many amazing attractions it’s very hard to pick just one two-week trip. Sometimes the most popular route is the best, and if you only have two weeks to spare, the Garden Route is the place to go. This is a self-drive trip, but luckily the rental options in the country are plentiful (and affordable). It takes in culture, nightlife, beaches and safari. The best time of year to go is the South African summer time, which runs from mid-November to March. Avoid December and January if you can, as things can get very busy around then!

Top Experiences in Argentina

Argentina is a fascinating and large country with plenty to see and do. From trekking in the Andes to wine tours, buzzing cities and the famous Argentine beef. Here is a list of some of the highlights.

Some Cheap Family Holiday Ideas You Need to Know

There are many cheap family holiday ideas you can choose for your needs so you have more chances to find the best ones that will not cost you more. Although those ideas are cheap, you will be able to enjoy them in a good way and those can be said as the best way to do refreshing. To know more about the ideas, you can read this article that guides you better to the right path.

Zoos, Wildlife Parks And Game Reserves In Plateau State Nigeria

Located at the heart of Jos town and close to the Jos Museum and the Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture (MOTNA). is the Jos Zoological garden. It has animals ranging from lions to different types of snakes, different types of monkeys, crocodiles, tortoise, different types of wild birds, ostriches, donkeys, hoses, porcupine, and more. The Jos Zoo is one of the favorite destinations for the citizens of Jos especially during festive times.

How to Dress for River Rafting in a Good Way

Performing river rafting is really challenging for you so you have to prepare yourself in doing the best thing. If you are a beginner, it is important for you to learn on how to dress in a good way so you will be able to give the best protection for yourself so you can take benefit from it. To help you in getting more information, just check this article out.

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