Morning snorkeling in San Juan

An Introduction to the Everest Base Camp

2013 will celebrate the 60th anniversary of Sir Hillary and Sherpa Tenzings first successful summit of Mount Everest. In May 1953 these two foolhardy men took on the biggest trekking challenge in the world and succeeded in summiting Everest for 15 minutes.

Endless Ways to Spend a Family Safari Holiday

Today, there are so many ways in which travellers can enjoy a family safari holiday. Long gone are the days of taking minibuses cramped with strangers; today the experience can be enjoyed with just you and your family, in some truly incredible ways. Below are some of the most exciting options available to you on a family safari.

Adventure Caving In New Zealand

When people head to New Zealand, one of the things they can never wait to see is the nature and landscapes. Our lush native bush, clear blue waters, lakes, mountain ranges and beaches all grace the front of postcards and have people excited about their week or two spent in the country.

KOKO Crater – Killer Workout with an Incredible View – Oahu, Hawaii

If you ever go on vacation to Oahu, Hawaii there is a great little adventure only minutes from downtown Honolulu and Waikiki Beach. It is a an extinct volcano called KOKO Head. There is an amazing little trail to the summit that gains 1,000 feet in elevation in short order. Views from the summit are stunning. Check it out!

PALI ROAD and the Legend of the MENEHUNE – Oahu, Hawaii

In Hawaii, Oahu in particular, there is a road that crosses the Island from Honolulu to the North Shore. This is the Pali Road. Some say it is haunted, whether that is true or not, the views at the crest over the cliffs to the North are stunning.

Something New Has Arrived To Phuket

Phuket Games Zone – the most fun you can have in Phuket. A great day out, having fun in the sun playing football golf, frisbee golf, and body zorbing!

Top Tips for Going to the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is known as the lungs of the Earth and along with the Congo and New Guinea is one of the last tropical wildernesses least touched by human hands. The Amazon Rainforest is the largest container of wildlife on our planet and is home to many exotic species you may have seen in film or television. Tourism in the Amazon region has slowly been growing but is still in its infancy.

The Best Places to See on an African Safari

When you embark on an African safari, there’s no doubt you’ll see an impressive range of wildlife and some spectacular scenery, providing you with an unforgettable experience. Africa is a vast continent, home to some of the most exciting holiday destinations in the world, not to mention world famous landmarks and significant natural features.

Ten Interesting Facts About Mount Kilimanjaro

If you are thinking about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, you will probably already know that it is the highest freestanding mountain in the world, and that it reaches 5,895metres above sea level. What you might not know, is that there are loads of interesting fact and figures surrounding this magnificent peak, and here we share our favourite ten to give you a little inspiration!

Ghosts Of Black Rock

Black Rock, an old igneous outcrop on the Southern Shore of the Great Salt Lake is a haunted place. This is where the Oquirrh Mountains terminate into the dead sea. Much transpired here historically but it is a deserted, lonely place today.

The Island-Hopper’s Guide to El Nido, Palawan

Going on holiday in El Nido, Palawan? Don’t want to miss any sights? Check out this island-hopping guide.

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