Morning Snorkel in San Juan

Kayaking With Crocodiles and Killer Whales

Why not take a step out of your comfort zone and experience kayaking holidays with a difference. You can kayak with Killer Whales or Kayak through a jungle and see crocodiles.

St Lucia Tours – Exploring the East Coast of St Lucia

There are many virgin locations for exploration on the beautiful island of St Lucia. For example, take the beautiful east cost of St Lucia.

Helpful Holiday Travel Advise

It will be to your best advantage if you can follow some holiday travel advice from the experts. Never leave home without it.

How to Film Professional Travel Videos (Part 1 – Equipment)

Getting the right equipment is an important and possibly expensive first step for professional travel filming. Before your trip you should have an idea of what your filming goals will be. Traveling can vary from a beach vacation, to an adventure hike in Peru, to an underwater scuba diving trip to Turks and Caico’s.

Discover South America’s ‘Big Five’ on a Jaguar Safari

A Jaguar safari is a chance to see South America’s iconic big cat as well as the four other members of its ‘Big Five’. Read on to discover what they are.

Experience an Unforgettable African Safari Holiday in the Serengeti

Whether you are planning to go on an African safari holiday with the whole family or simply want to experience the thrill of going on a honeymoon safari with your significant other, the Serengeti is definitely the place to be. Here’s why.

Exploring Tanzania: 4 Top African Safari Destinations in Tanzania

Whether you are out to witness the Great African Migration, go game viewing or simply revel in the untouched beauty of nature, going on a Tanzania safari can definitely give you what you want. What are the things you can expect to see and experience by going on a well-planned Tanzania safari? Here are some of them.

A Scot Travelling in Germany With Precious Rewarding Memories But Lost Contacts

Travelling in Germany away back in 1972 was so different from travel pressures today. For those who may be unaware of these almost carefree times let me tell you what it was like. Five of us were from Scotland were invited to the first European Charismatic Leaders Conference where eighty from each European Nation and Denomination gathered. We made our way to Wurzburg and change trains for Schweinfurt where we are met by car and driven to this picturesque castle, Schloss Craheim, some six miles from the then East German border. Three days of the Conference was to take place in East Berlin and travelling through Checkpoint Charlie was a different experience and being invited as guests of the East German government was such an honour and privilege. Walking the streets of East Berlin, taking in the sights, and visiting the amazing Pergamum Museum which was just around the corner from our hotel was an experience which I never thought I would ever have.

Beach Holiday in Diani Kenya With Children

Making a trip to any holiday destination in the world with kids can be challenging, especially if your core focus is to rejuvenate. This shouldn’t however be a problem if you choose a beach that is family-friendly like Diani at the South coast of Mombasa city in Kenya.

An Insight Into Tongan Culture

The culture of the people of Tonga is unique in many ways, with many Tongans still holding true to their original traditions and cultures. Tongan culture is distinctive in that the country is the only Pacific Island nation that has never been colonised by a foreign country, with the monarchy and its cultural structure continuing after 1000 years of rule. The monarchy plays a dominant and significant role in Tongan history and the day to day life of Tongan people, and coupled with a sense of pride in the Tongan culture makes visiting this island nation a one-of-its-kind experience.

Alaska Travel Guide

For many, coming to Alaska is a lifelong dream. It has been said that the untamed beauty of Alaska can stay with you forever. Etched in both your mind and soul, this magical land still continues to inspire and excite millions of people every year.

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