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Looking at What to Do and Where to Stay in Kamala Beach, Phuket

I have already been going to Thailand for many years now and I know that the calibre of hotels absolutely does vary significantly from area to area. Certainly one of the best destinations within the tropical isle of Phuket that I have visited myself would have to be Kamala beach which happens to be found on the west coast within the island. I have found that Kamala is quite high priced with respect to accommodation and it is where you can find the lavish “Millionaires Mile”, where there are some very costly condos and villas for tourists and…

Secrets to Packing Your Bicycle for Air Travel

So, you’ve signed up for your bike tour and you are excited to go. You are bringing your bike and you need to know how to do it. Properly packing your bike for air travel is important so that your bike arrives undamaged and ready to roll once your get to your destination.

Lake Bogoria National Reserve

Lake Bogoria National reserve is one of Kenya’s great tourism destinations. The reserve is known for its bubbling hot springs and spouting geysers, lake bogoria, large numbers of the lesser flamingos, wildlife such as the elusive greater kudu and other savannah wildlife such as impalas, Grant’s gazelle, zebras, dik diks, patas monkeys, storks and hornbills. The reserve is located in Baringo County within the Great Rift Valley region of Kenya.

Explore the Unexplored: Adventure Along the Ancient Silk Road

Running through the center of the country, the Chinese stretch of the Silk Road covers such diverse terrain as lush flood plains, mountain ranges, and the sands of the Gobi Desert. An expedition along this historic trading route allows you to retrace the paths of ancient silk caravans and Marco Polo as well as experience a modern-day once-in-a-lifetime trek that takes you through the breadth of Chinese culture and landscapes. Below is a sampling of some of the adventures that await you.

Keswick – The Adventure Capital Of The Lake District

In the northern, more rugged area of the Lake District, Keswick is frequently referred to as the ‘Queen of the Lakes’ as it is at the centre of a crown of high mountains. Located in some of England’s most dramatic scenery, Keswick has all the facilities for a full blown adventure holiday. Whether you want to take to the air, stay firmly on the ground or dip your toe in the water, there are activities to suit all ages and abilities.

Visit Lake Bogoria for a Wonderful Kenyan Experience

In Kenya, there are many tourist attractions lying in the Great Rift Valley. One of these attractions is Lake Bogoria. It is in the Lake Bogoria National Reserve but it is not managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service. It was established as a National Reserve in 1983 though it was opened to visitors in 1970.

Saving the Puma As a Volunteer in Peru

The puma’s habitat is changing due to communities growing. Becoming a volunteer in Peru can help save the species and encourage local people to take care of the large cat.

Pave the Way for Spectacular Family Adventure on Huangshan Mountain

Curiously-shaped granite crests, waterfalls, and Huangshan pines jutting out from rocky mountain slopes contribute to the majesty of the 72 peaks of China’s most beautiful mountain, Mount Huangshan (Yellow mountain). In fact, these spectacular vistas have inspired Chinese art and literature throughout the ages and continue to draw painters, photographers, and poets from around the world. Legend also has it that this is the site of the Yellow Emperor’s ascent to the heavens and of his discovery of immortal pearls.

Trekking Adventures Through the Longji Rice Terraces

Built 500 years ago during the Ming dynasty, the Longji rice terraces, located in Longsheng county 2 hrs. from Guilin, are a masterful as well as beautiful testament to human ingenuity. Carved into the sides of steep, fertile hills, these narrow, miniature rice fields appear from above like glistening scales covering some gigantic ancient beast, hence the name “Longji,” Dragon’s Ridge.”

Antigua Holidays – The Best All-Inclusive Hotels to Choose From

Antigua holidays are not just about the beaches. There are a lot of place to explore and things to do that are truly as enjoyable as lazing around the beach.

Rafting in New Zealand Serve Up a White-Water Knuckle Ride on Tongariro River

Tongariro River’s gentle white-water rapids are ideal for aquatic newbies like me. White-water rafting might not be an exact science with different meanings to its I, II, III, (all the way to a VI) classifications, since different countries have their own “ideas” of what constitutes what. But, whatever class you chose, you’re going to have to learn teamwork; you’re going to get wet; and you’re going to embarrass the living hell out of yourself.

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