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The Kenyan Weather and Tourism

Kenya is a wonderful tourism destination and a major attraction because of its combination of natural beauty, perfect Kenyan weather, wildlife and great people. Between the gorgeous sceneries and natural vibrancy of the wildlife and Kenyan culture, you will have a completely novel and rich experience during your trip to Kenya. Whether you are looking for beautiful and serene cool beaches or primitive wildlife, Kenya ought to be your chosen destination.

How To Protect Yourself Against South Coast Sun

In Kenya, there exist significant differences in the weather conditions that prevail in various parts of the country. This is especially true for the coastal regions and the south coast sun. The Kenyan coast stretches from Mombasa to the Tanzanian border.

Polar Holidays: Amazing Arctic Animal Facts

The polar regions of our planet, with their stark beauty and the wonderful, tenacious life that inhabits them, hold endless fascination for scientists and nature-lovers alike. Polar holidays offer visitors the chance to see all of this first-hand, and are as such immeasurably rewarding. The Arctic, for all its harsh conditions, is home to an incredible diversity of human culture and animal and plant life – proof that humanity and nature will flourish wherever they can. Here are just some of the unique ways in which species have adapted to thrive in a world of extremes.

The Legendary Albatross: A Birdwatcher’s Guide for Polar Holidays

Polar holidays to the Antarctic let nature-lovers get up close to some inspiring animals, including Orcas, Sperm Whales and several species of dolphin. They are also especially good for bird-watchers, bringing the opportunity to see cormorants, petrels, penguins and albatrosses. The albatross has captivated the human imagination since time immemorial, and many legends have grown up around it. More recently, it has continued to intrigue our scientists with its complex behaviour. If you are contemplating polar holidays to the Sub-Antarctic islands of Australia or New Zealand, you will be able to see several species of albatross – so to learn a little more about them, read on.

Polar Holidays: Frequently Asked Questions

It’s hard not to be seduced by the very idea of polar holidays: unspoilt stretches of stark but beautiful landscape, wildlife that doesn’t exist anywhere else on the planet and populations and cultures that live their lives dictated by the environment they find themselves in. The air and the light have a sharpness and quality that can’t be found in more central latitudes, making trips to the region all the more breath taking. As one of the more mysterious parts of the planet, there is plenty of ignorance surrounding the poles. Here are some answers to questions frequently asked by those on polar holidays.

Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights

Polar holidays are a great opportunity to spend some time in parts of the world where the normal rules and expectations no longer apply. The position of the poles at either end of the earth – furthest away from the sun and subject to seasons in a completely different way to the rest of us – means that while certain phenomena cannot be experienced there, plenty of things happen in the region that don’t occur anywhere else. The light really is different up (or down) there. Many people who embark on trips to the region dream of seeing some of the most famous northern phenomena – the aurora borealis.

Top Things to See in Ancient Rome

As such an ancient city, with a history that spans over two and half thousand years, Rome truly feels like the epicentre of the world. Staying in a luxury hotel in Rome will give you the opportunity to explore this amazingly historic city and wander through the past for hours, if not days. While you are in this history-laden part of Italy, stroll along the River Tiber and check out some of the most important sites such as the Roman Forum, the Mouth of Truth, and the Appian Way.

Top Tourist Spots In Cuba

For a variety of reasons, be they social, cultural or legal – if you’re from the United States at least – Cuba is probably not the most visited country in the Caribbean, not that it doesn’t have plenty of things to attract people to its splendid coastline. There’s the 99.8 literacy rate, an average life expectancy of 77.

The Best Reasons To Choose Luxurious Rail Travel

While airline traveling has become the mainstream way of getting to a far away destination, the stress that comes with it can be extreme. You may have to wait in long lines to get tickets if you are running behind schedule. You may also have to go through invasive security checks as well. The cost of some cheaper airline tickets has also gone up due to the economic strain.

The Wildlife Near Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The wildlife you can see on a Punta Cana excursion in the Dominican Republic is some of the most amazing wildlife you can see on the planet. Find out what wildlife you can see and the best way to have an exciting eco-adventure from Punta Cana.

Take an Adventure on the Wild Side and Tour Around India’s Ranthambore Area

If you’re an avid explorer or a true adventurer at heart you may want to skip some of the sightseeing in Delhi in Mumbai and go for a more adventurous and thrilling experience in Ranthambore, an amazing nature preserve with abundant wildlife to bewilder your senses. To truly enrich your Indian experience with the wildest and purest of nature make sure to include a visit to this magical region during your India holidays and you’ll also get to explore the culturally-rich surrounding areas such as Agra and Jaipur.

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