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The Top 10 Activities Off Peru’s Tourist Track

#1 – Hike Town to Town on Colca Canyon’s North Rim. Colca Canyon is for the most part still off the radar for most tourists; a paradise of farmland, small towns and genuinely friendly people untainted by the passing of too many outsiders. Those tourists that do come to the Canyon flock to Cruz del Condor, a lookout point that is admittedly a must-see (it’s the best place in the world to see Andean Condors, which circle the canyon every morning at about 8 AM), though still far from being the area’s only attraction. Small towns…

Tamilnadu Tour, When I Stepped Into the Land of Mythical Legends

As I stepped into the land of mythical legends, I realized that the enchanting state of Tamil Nadu truly deserves to be called the Land of Enduring Heritage, as every stone with which it is crafted tell the tales of the mythical legends and endless stories of time. Its marvelous temples, awe inspiring hill stations, magnificent monuments, ever looming forts and the never ending coastline will be some of the major draws that a Tamilnadu tour will encompasses. Not only this but even a jostling journey into the wild, a exhaustive yet enthralling trek and a visit to the bustling…

Hot Air Ballooning in Bristol

Bristol has a rich history of ballooning, and the Ashton Gate launch site is ideal for catching some stunning views of the city and surrounding areas. Read on to discover what other sights you are likely to see during a balloon flight over the diverse city of Bristol.

Top 5 Things I Couldn’t Live Without on a Trek in Patagonia

A trip to Patagonia is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people and something that requires quite a lot of planning in advance. After trekking through Torres del Paine, kayaking in Bariloche and seeing penguins in Ushuaia, we’ve been able to compile a list of items that really come in useful on a Patagonian adventure.

A Taste of the Lovely Loire Valley

If you are thinking about school trips to France, you may find yourself spoilt for choice in terms of interesting places to visit. However, one stands out amongst all others – the delightful Loire Valley. So, what makes the Loire Valley something special?

Kayaking Is Fun for the Whole Family: Anyone Can Kayak!

Kayaking is a safe, fun and affordable way to get outdoors and enjoy nature with the family. One of the easiest ways to get out on the water, kayaking offers something for everyone. Anyone can kayak!

The Dream of Climbing Mount Everest, You Can Do It, Part 3

In this episode you will find out which mountains you should focus on before turning your sights on the highest mountain in the world. This installment will help you develop into a safe and smart alpine climber.

Birdwatching in the Arctic

For some, the thought of polar holidays might conjure images of stark, frozen landscapes crossed by a solitary polar bear, but there is more diversity – in terms of both terrain and wildlife – to the Arctic regions than many realise. For bird enthusiasts, the Arctic uplands of Finland and Norway are bursting with opportunities for sightings, especially in the spring season. The Arctic spring is a vibrant, often surprising season, when the whole world seems to be in flux; for birds, it is also a time of change and activity, making it a wonderful season for birdwatching. Here are some of the species to look out for:

Visiting The South-West Region Of The Kruger National Park

The south-west region of the Kruger National Parkclaims the most mountains and best rainfall. It supports two habitats: The Malelane Mountain Veld and the Pretoriuskop Sourveld.

Kayaking 101: What’s the Worse That Could Happen?

Kayaking is fun, safe and easy to learn. But there are a few things you should consider and prepare for before kayaking if you want to stay safe and keep a good time from going bad.

Eating Good Food in Australia

In Australia whether you’re a gourmet lover or just a tourist who just happens to get hungry during your travels, the place that you will be dragging feet into is a restaurant. Regardless of the reasons mentioned before you will want the restaurant to serve the best of what they have to offer and that being said you can try eating at the following restaurants mentioned below.

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