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Step Back in Time With School Trips to Greece

For Classics students, the legacy of their subject is all around, in culture, society and language – but few things are more rewarding than the opportunity to visit the origins of this mighty heritage on school trips to Greece. With the vast, diverse spread of Greek civilisation at their feet, they will be able to trace the development of this ancient culture through time itself; at the same time, being in modern Greece will help them to understand the continuous nature of history and civilisation, by continuing to identify the influence of the past on the present – and future. Read on for a taste of what your students could discover on their time-spanning adventure.

Las Vegas Adventures Off The Strip

Exploring the outer limits of Las Vegas can be a learning and rewarding experience. Las Vegas is known for gambling and fabulous live shows. Gambling is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Live shows include locally and nationally known comedians, music groups of every genre, musicians recognized with life time achievement awards and fabulous stage shows.

Exotic, Enriching and Memorable Places Near Bandhavgarh

The most captivating place for the animal lovers in the midst of the Vindhya Hills is Bandhavgarh National Park which is known for beholding a large number of wild species. The topography and the amazing environment catch whole mass of attentions to this wildlife reserve.

School Trips and the Performing Arts

At first glance, you might wonder why school trips are necessary in order to participate in the performing arts. Of course, in one sense they’re not. Young people are perfectly capable of obtaining excellent performing arts development at home and don’t need to go on long distance trips to get it. Yet that might be missing a point. One of the key concepts behind many areas of the performing arts is that of learning from shared and diverse experience. Simply studying under the same tutors week after week and in the same environment may be fine, but it may not always offer the injection of new perspectives that people in the performing arts require if they are to grow.

Cumberland Island, Georgia: A Paddler’s Paradise

Cumberland Island is truly a treasure of the Southeast Atlantic Coast and one of the hottest destinations for kayakers from all over the world. With unmatched scenery, wildlife and opportunities for exploration and adventure, Cumberland Island, Georgia is truly a paddler’s paradise.

China’s Lesser-Known National Treasure Unveiled

There is no better place to visit one of the most adorable and charming animals on the planet, the giant panda, than in its natural habitat – the bamboo-filled forests of China’s Sichuan Province..

Bamboo Rafting Adventures on Yangshuo’s Enchanting Rivers

The very thought of bamboo rafting conjures up images of drifting past quaint Chinese farms, grazing water buffalo, panoramas of jagged mountain tops, and flourishing green forests right out of a Chinese landscape painting. All these dreams can easily come true with a float down Yangshuo’s Li and Yulong Rivers on a traditional Chinese bamboo boat.

Thrill to the Beauty of China’s Paradise on Earth

The Zhongdian region, in southwest China, lately re-named Shangri-La, immediately strikes the visitor with its idyllic, paradisaical beauty. Rugged, snow-capped mountains blend harmoniously with lush grasslands and pristine virgin forests. Three major rivers, including the Yangtze, the third largest in the world, weave through the region, and in ancient Tibetan villages and monasteries, inhabitants carry out customs passed down through the centuries.

How to Plan for Manali-Leh Road Trip?

We all are aware of the scenic destinations – Manali and Leh…but few have explored the roadways between the two hilly destinations which is a breath-taking experience in itself. Off late, this road trip has been capturing the imagination of many bikers and a biking trip on this road is a must do in an adventurous person’s bucket list.

TripAdvisor’s Benefits for Your Tour or Activity Business

No if’s or but’s about it – TripAdvisor is one of the main contenders for the global travel industry’s Destination sector, allowing travelers to look at reviews of destinations, hotels, and all available activities. So why should your tour or activity business bother enlisting?

Top Destinations to Take a Vacation

I’ve done a lot of research on the best reviewed places to take a vacation. I would like to share my results with all of whom are wondering where to take their next vacation. Here are the destinations:

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