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Western Etosha National Park – Enjoy an African Safari in the ‘Wild West’!

When the first explorers discovered Etosha in the 1800’s they enthused about it being wild and unspoilt and this is what people are still looking for today when going on an African safari. The problem is there are very few places left that can be called unspoilt wilderness areas, with a few exceptions, and the western part of Etosha is one such place. For the last hundred years western Etosha has been a restricted area closed to the public, but now with the new Dolomite restcamp opening in June 2011 visitors staying at Dolomite camp are allowed to enter Etosha’s ‘wild west’, either from Okaukuejo camp in the east or via the Galton Gate in the south-west.

Thrilling Adventures During Your Cornwall Holidays

If you want to have the most memorable days with your family, book accommodations at the upscale Cornwall holiday cottages. It will ensure your maximum comfort and luxury while sightseeing around the marvelous region of England.

Mexico’s Baja Peninsula – A Vacationer’s Dream

White sandy beaches aren’t everyone’s idea of a fun vacation. What is there to do while sunbathing on the shore? You can read a book anywhere.

Top 10 Adventure Activities in NZ

Some people come to New Zealand for rest and relaxation. However, this country is much better known for its adventure activities. When you are taking a holiday and looking for the best activities in New Zealand that will give you the thrills and chills that you need, there is plenty to choose from.

Exploring South India’s Wildlife

Most people have a fascination for the animal life of this planet. Some prefer those that are domesticated, while others are more attracted to those that live in the wild. It is unfortunate that a huge portion of the areas where animals used to roam free have now been made into commercial areas and the only place where children can actually be exposed to the wild are either through the local zoo, or the Discovery channel.

Meet New People and Have a Great Day Out in London Museums

The secret when meeting people and developing friendships with them is to meet new people with whom you have interests in common. You have to allow time for a friendship to grow as you gradually learn more about people and work out whether your interests are compatible. That is what makes museums great places to meet new people as you will be coming into contact with people who are interested in the subject of the museum, just like you are!

Consider Italy for Your Next Caravan Holiday

If you’re looking to go on a fun-filled driving holiday, Italy can offer everything you could possibly need. By taking your caravan and heading from Lake Garda in the north down to Pompeii in the south, you can see exciting cities and participate in amazing activities, while driving through the beautiful Italian countryside.

Unleash Your Adrenaline Rush on Trekking Tours

Trekking tours are the dream tours for all trekking enthusiasts. People often search online for the best trekking tours and find India and Nepal among top tourists’ destinations for trekking.

How Partying With Tiesto Can Help You Take A Walk On The Wild Side In Mykonos

Men, have you noticed that as you get older you want to go out and party till the sun comes up less and less? Girls, have you noticed that the responsibilities of work and family have crept in and you don’t get to dance as much as you would like to?

Reflections on Peru

Peru beckons the adventurer in each of us with promises of mystery and even enlightenment. And a journey across the Peruvian altiplano delivers plenty of both.

Toronto’s Best Known Canoe Trip – The Grand River of Southern Ontario

By 2010, canoeing the Grand River had become the “#1 Canoe Trip Destination” for Toronto and Southern Ontario. What most canoeists don’t know, is that before 1990 canoeing the Grand was unheard of!

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