May 5, 2022

Everest Base Camp: Taking the Challenge

At the age of fifty five I was overweight, unfit and single. My daughter harassed me constantly to get up and get out there, to get fit and find a girlfriend. It took the heart attack of my 70 year old mother to shock me into action and that’s how Everest Base Camp came about.

What to Expect and Things to Do on a Diani Beach Safari and Vacation

Diani beach is found just about 30 kilometers from Mombasa, Kenya’s coastal city. The beach has been rated as the second best, and most popular beach in Africa and prides of immaculate white sand, palm trees that line the shoreline, the affectionate Swahili natives and their wealth of local cultures and history.

El Malpais – A Moonlight Exploration of the Badlands of New Mexico

There is a place in New Mexico that is very strange and unique. This place is called El Malpais which means “The Badlands” in Spanish. One evening I explored the Malpais by the light of the moon. This article is the recollection of that adventure.

Get Set for Whale Watching Excursions During December-April

It’s not just the whales that boast all the excitement! Whale watching operation in San Diego includes marine birds, sea lions, seals, and dolphins on the surface of the wide Open Ocean. Come with your family and enjoy this sea adventure. It is a great time for a San Diego vacation.

Travel the World and Teach

Interested in travelling but don’t have the money? Work for a semester in a school or tutor as an independent teacher to pay your way and meet plenty of new people.

Adventure Sports in India at a Glance

India is a country with a lot of diverse geographical regions. There are many opportunities for tourism in India and some of these states provide great opportunities for adventurous activities.

Volunteering in Ghana – Ten Things You’ll Love

A volunteer with African Adventures explains the ten things she loved most about Ghana after working there as a volunteer. Read more…

Discover the Unique Exhibitions Hosted in New York

New York, the most popular city in the world known for its rich collection of museums and galleries, hosting some of the world’s greatest exhibitions and art. The Museum of Metropolitan Art, one of the most renowned of New York’s cultural highlights, is hosting a special exhibition from October 2012 until September 2013 to commemorate the centennial of its own, unique, ‘Arms and Armour’ department. Founded by Dr…

Backpacking: A Blast on a Budget

This article surveys the options available for fun and exciting backpacking vacations. Included are tips on preparing for your backpacking vacation.

Polar Bear Tours at Churchill, Manitoba

Many have seen polar bears confined in the artificial environment of a zoo, but only a fortunate few have had the exhilarating experience of witnessing these fascinating and majestic creatures up close in their natural habitat. Every fall, the small grain port of Churchill, Manitoba on the west coast of Canada’s Hudson Bay becomes a gathering point for wildlife viewers, nature enthusiasts, photographers, and adventurers from around the world who come to observe one of the great thrills of nature, the polar bears of Churchill. Churchill, where the approximately 1000 residents are outnumbered by an estimated 1200 polar bears, is…

Dolphin Watching Trips in Scotland

If you’re in the mood to change up your usual vacation, why not go to the west coast of Scotland for your next holiday? This area is home to many animal and bird species; in addition, the Gulf of Corryvreckan is the world’s third largest naturally occurring whirlpool, and the Iona Abbey is one of the oldest and most important religious centers in all of Western Europe.

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