Man vs. Crab – UK / England Revisited 2022

Namibia: A New Tourist Destination

Namibia has been described as the last frontier, a wild and rough country, exposed to the elements like no other southern African nation. From the rolling hills of Kaokoland, to the Skeleton Coast and the misty cold blanket of the South Atlantic, to the diamond rich area of Sperrgebeit, Namibia is a diverse and contrasting place to experience, luring in the mysterious frontier for explorers to make a hot new tourist destination.

Wedding Destination: Exotic International Locations

When considering a destination wedding most people will never think of Malaysia as an exotic location. Malaysia is a unique country separated in two by the South China Sea. Just below Thailand on the same peninsula is the mainland Malaysia. The Island of Borneo, South of Singapore, is shared by Malaysia on the North and Indonesia on the South. With an exchange rate of 3.12 Ringgit to 1 US dollar Malaysia deserves a look.

New to London – Where to Stay

Where to stay in London? This article discusses where to stay in London.

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