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Great Holiday Activity Options in Dorset

A holiday in Dorset is never complete without a stay at one of the Dorset holiday cottages. The holiday cottages are located near many attractions including the port and the sea if you are interested in water activities or cruises.

Going Native in Mongolia

Because I had arrived in Mongolia at the start of the tourist season, the only people around were a group of 5 Japanese girls, so the camp was really quiet. I had a ger or yurt (Mongolian tent) all to myself! Fantastic!

Adventure Sports In India – Top Attractions For Vacations

India is known for its distinct geography and topology. There is Himalaya mountain range that protects us from the chilly winds from north and then it is surrounded by water on all its three sides thereby making it an ideal destination for the tourists to enjoy various sports and activities. Then there are number of forests and national parks that are situated in various parts of the country, each one specializing in their own domain.

India: The Most Popular Tourist Circuit

The rich culture and heritage of India has contributed in making Asian subcontinent a prominent name among global places of visit. India has become a lively place to visit as it displays much variation in landscape, religion and traditions.

The Thrilling Snake Boat Race in Kerala

Kerala is one of the famous tourist destinations of India which is visited by millions of tourists every year. Each attraction of this destination has its own unique charm which excites tourists who come here for pleasurable holidays.

Universal Studios in Singapore – Top-Notch Entertainment Themed Tourist Attraction

Located on the small island of Sentosa, Universal Studios in Singapore offers world-class entertainment and wonderful shopping. It is the only place in Singapore that allows you step directly into the movies. The park features many entertainment experiences and movie-themed attractions.

Taking a Break? Think Adventure This Vacation

Family holidays are the best days when every one of us tries to get away from the daily routine of life and, if we talk about holiday choices in present era, then we certainly are spoilt with so many choices, aren’t we? There are so many far off countries that warm heartedly welcome tourists from all over the world. It is no more a distant dream to spend your vacations in Switzerland, Paris, Greece or Caribbean islands.

Essence of Incredible India

India, the seventh largest country in the world by area, has become a lively place to visit because of its landscape, history, religion and archaeological wonders. Traveling to this country gives an insight into the rich cultural heritage, traditions and industrial & economic development.

Unique Landmarks of Hawaii Island – East Side

The island of Hawaii has a bit of everything. From snow on the peaks of Mauna Kea, to rolling green countryside in Honoka’a and hot, arid desert landscape in Kau. In this diverse environment there are bound to be thousands of interesting sights and unusual places for the adventurous traveler to discover.

The Beauty of an African Safari During Animal Migration

Predators and other mammals are territorial. They are resident game and wouldn’t go beyond their own ranges to follow the migration. It is the wildebeest, gazelle and zebra that migrate in search of fresh grazing. Let’s put it this way. When the food supply dries up, they move on to greener pastures… as the saying goes. Now then, how does this benefit YOU the safari holidaymaker? I can think of a couple of things. Action and more action! Not only do you get to see the migration of over a million animals, you also get to see some of them getting pounced on and chomped up by the predator. Sounds like a third rate movie really, but this is for real. This article will offer tips on when and where to go on safari to catch the migration in two countries: Tanzania and Kenya.

Why You Should Choose a Luxury Safari

It would be hard to argue against the fact that any type of African safari can provide one of the most captivating, transforming travel experiences anyone could undertake. But with the large number of safari packages offered at vastly different prices it can often be difficult to know which one to choose.

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