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Spelunking the Pinto Basin Gold and Turquoise Mines of Joshua Tree National Park Near Palm Springs

There are mines out in the middle of the desert dug by brave men nearly a century ago. Now they are lost and forgotten by most. I found them as a boy under the protective wing of my Dad when he and a buddy went out just to see what was in the middle of no where. We found a vein of turquoise that would make a roadside tourist trap into a millionaires dream. I went back to the mine as a grown man with my own kids and refound it some twenty years later. This here’s the tale of the lost mines of the Pinto Basin, out past Joshua Tree National Park, about an hour or so outside of Palm Springs, California.

Jim Corbett National Park

The oldest National Park of the country, Jim Corbett National Park was established in the year 1936. Originally called the Hailey National Park, it was renamed as Jim Corbett in 1956, in honour of the hunter of the man eating tigers in the Kumaon hill, Jim Corbett. Corbett turned into a world famous wildlife conservationist and author of some of the world renowned books in the later year of his life.

Cairns, a North Queensland Top Tourist Destination

With the number of domestic travelers on the rise, more people than ever are discovering what a top tourist destination Cairns in itself is. World famous for its proximity to The Great Barrier Reef, Cairns offers more than meets the eye. For your next Aussie holiday, discover for yourself what this top tourist destination offers.

The Corner Pagodas

The corner pagodas arc white with a yellow glazed-tile decoration. Going counter-clockwise from the front pagoda (south), the remaining four are purple, black, green temples, the Purensi (Temple of Universal Benevolence), also known as the Front Temple, and the Pushansi (Temple of Universal Kindness), also known as the Rear Temple. Both were built in 1713 in Chinese style, but the former is now in poor condition and the latter is no longer in existence.

Book Your Accommodation in Amazon Jungles

Amazon jungle is home to wide varieties of animals, birds and plant species. While walking through the dense forest, tourists will come across different plant species such as palms, orchids, trees, vines as well as exotic animal species like crocodiles, river turtles, pink dolphins, monkeys.

Bike Tours in Bhutan and Ladakh

There are few choices to cycle in the Indian subcontinent. Nepal has seen fair share of off-road MTB cyclists embarking on mountain trails, and same in Indian Himalayas. But road cycling has become more popular in the region in recent years, namely Bhutan and Ladakh, though road quality will differ and above all elevation and general difficulty may keep some away from certain routes.

Add a Touch of Festival to a Tour of Peru

With this incredibly diverse country celebrating around 3,000 festivals a year, a trip to Peru anytime is a fascinating culture experience. But with June to October seeing some of the most flamboyant and diverse festivals the country has to offer, visiting at this time adds a special festive touch to a Peru tour.

Sandakphu Trek – The Best Trails to Explore the Mighty Himalayas

In order to reach Sandakphu, tourists need to start their adventure task from Manebhanjan. It is perched at an altitude of 2,150 m above the sea level and is the highest point in West Bengal. The trekking further continues to the Tonglu (3020 m).

A Difference Does Exist

Open your eyes and you will discover what everyone else has discovered. Everyday I leave my house, I discover that the rest of North America has realized that there is indeed something different about this place.

What Is A Good Age For Kids To Go On White Water Rafting Tours?

As vacations go, if you love the outdoors and you love excitement, then there’s nothing better to do during the heat of the summer than to go on an awesome white water rafting trip in Colorado. Enjoying the awesome scenery as you float down the river, the cool water and the rushing rapids makes for a totally fantastic family vacation. But the word “family” means all of the family including the kids.

The Philippines – The Pearl of the Orient Seas

With all its grandeur and magnificence, the Pearl of the Orient Seas lays claim to its naturally abundant environment with beautiful beaches and enthralling panoramic sights. In the past few decades, the Philippines have been frequented by tourists for countless reasons.

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