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Must-Try Activities in Rio Negro

Also known as Black River, Rio Negro is known to be the largest blackwater river in the world that serves as one of the best eco-tourism destinations in Brazil. Its dark color is mainly attributed to the humic acid caused by the incomplete breakdown of vegetation, containing a substance called phenol. It appears to be dramatically black from afar, but its true color is dark brown when seen up-close.

An Afternoon on the Bebe Catamaran in Punta Cana

All 44 adults and 3 children had showed up, and everyone was excited to go. We stood around wearing our bathing suits and holding our beach towels/bags; most people engaged in casual conversation and some people walking back and forth to the lobby bar to get more drinks before departure. About half an hour later, the tour guides from Bebe Catamaran showed up on time for our 2:00 p.m. pick up, and we started boarding the two open-air safari-style trucks that they’d sent for us.

Best Tourist Attraction in Los Angeles – A Helicopter Tour

When visiting a city for the first time, most tourists want to ensure that they see as much as possible in a short amount of time. Although traditional guided tours can allow for this, they often do not offer the spectrum of viewing and sightseeing opportunities that a Los Angeles helicopter tour can.

Travel Pillow – Try These Tips For A Stress Free And Comfortable Travel Experience

Many persons give a large sigh after they hear of the word gtravelingh and it is because of the many demanding and wearisome aspects that various people have been through when traveling. One of the major challenges is trying to get relaxed for the duration of your journey so you’ll be able to arrive fresh, well rested and stress-free rather than tired, uncomfortable with a rigid, sore neck and shoulders. The good news is that we can transform those unfavorable aspects of traveling into really good ones by preparing ahead and following the advice explained within this short…

Four Historical Places in Famagusta

There is no doubt in it that anyone who spends time in the walled city of Famagusta is sure to get impressed by the beauty of the historical monuments or the churches or mosques which are plenty in number here. Anyone who comes here would definitely like to visit again and again. This walled city is famous for many of the historical places. Each of the places has got something unique which the tourists find interestingly magical. There are many places such as Ruins of Salamis, Venetian palace, Kuru Cesme (Dry Fountain) Martinengo Bastian, Nestorian Church, Ayia Fotu Underground Church, Tanners Mosque etc. But here in this article we are going to talk about only a few of the most beautiful places in Famagusta such as Othello Tower, Royal Palace, St. George Church etc.

Rock Climbing Adventure in Guangxi

When it comes to experiencing gigantic limestone karst and cliffs, the autonomous Chinese region of Guangxi is one of the leading rock climbing destinations in the world. Visitors try to enjoy these wonderful natural structures in different ways.

Sisi – A Simple Crete Paradise

On the diverse island of Crete lies the unassuming coastal village of Sisi. Unlike its neighbor Malia, Sisi contrastingly exhibits a calm and peaceful ambiance. Access to the village is through a narrow winding road off the national highway.

Tips on Climbing the Highest Free Standing Mountain in the World, Kilimanjaro

Are you looking at climbing Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa? I led over 15 expeditions to this amazing mountain and would love to share on my experiences.

Gears Required for a Safe Trekking Expedition

Everyone deserves a break from the monotonous daily routine, but everyone’s definition of ‘a break’ differs. For some a break means perfect time for relaxation, and for others it means time for some exciting action. There is no denial to the fact that the present day lifestyle itself is completely action-packed, but the thrill offered by the towering peaks is certainly an experience of a lifetime.

A City for Foodies

I wrote this today about all the wondrous things to do here in the Sunshine State. Most people don’t really know where to eat while in new places so they stick to the known stuff like McDonalds or Wendy’s, but I’m here to share all the delicious restaurants Miami has to offer. I’ve been to all these places and their food is outstanding. So give a couple of this place a try.

It Takes Great Courage to Survive a Night at Halloween Horror Nights

Watching your favorite horror movie from the comfort of a living room or a theater hall is one thing; but to be able to actually step inside those intense and scary actions and experience the fear in person is another. At Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights Fest it’s all about facing the biggest challenges in the world of horrors. Here the Fear has no boundaries and it takes great courage to survive every single Night the special event offers.

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