Let’s Go Snorkeling!

Bhutan Holiday

This article summarises some of the attractions that a luxury holiday to Bhutan has to offer. These include the fusion of beautiful wildlife teamed with a fascinating culture.

Luxury North India Rajasthan

This article summarises the delights that a luxury holiday to Rajasthan, in North India, can hold. It expresses the importance of avoiding the ‘Golden Triangle’, and exploring this beautiful part of the world off the beaten track.

Holidays to Borneo

This article summarises the wonderful opportunities on offer in a holiday to Borneo. It highlights some of the major wildlife to be spotted, the activities available, and who is best suited to visiting Borneo.

Bengal Tiger Safari

This article summarises a brief account of a day on tiger safari. It describes the exhilarating experience of searching for a Bengal tiger in its natural habitat with an expert guide.

Unique Experiences of a Walking Safari

A walking safari is the most exhilarating way of experiencing a safari in Africa as one gets so much closer to wildlife without the noise of an engine. Of course there is a degree of vulnerability which heightens the senses, but this is a good thing! How often is one called upon to use those senses today? Everything is so much more immediate – from analysing the urgent bark of a baboon, to the strong scent left by a predator or an elephant or simply enjoying the early morning smells of the sage plant, fresh from the first dew.

India Luxury Cycling

This article summarises some of the highlights of cycling around India. It pinpoints some of the best scenery to be experienced, and the benefits of viewing this beautiful country by bicycle.

Solo Travel Summer 2014, Traveling Alone to Alaska

Now is the time to plan for summer 2014 for some of the best deals. We recommend Alaska as an ideal way to combine active adventure travel with more leisurely wildlife viewing. This is a great way to relax while seeing unspoiled terrain and creating your own informal ecotour.

Trending Holiday Destinations for the Months of April and May

The months of April and May are great options for those people who wish to go on and take a break from working hard and the stress which today’s working environment seems to effortlessly generate. There are a large number of places which can be visited in these months, especially in the Northern Hemisphere.

Explore the Natural Wonder of Kinabalu National Park!

Kinabalu National Park is designated a World Heritage Site for its immense biological diversity! Travel to Sabah and observe the conservation efforts to preserve the wild nature of Borneo!

Discover Sabah’s Natural Beauty at Kinabalu Park!

Venture to Sabah’s Kinabalu National Park and search for rare species endemic to Borneo! Mountain climbing, jungle canopy walks, the Poring hot springs can all be enjoyed at the magnificent World Heritage Site!

Tips for Surviving an Unexpected Visitor to Your Safari Camp

Whenever you go on safari, you are always warned to keep your hands and feet in the vehicle, don’t irritate a hippo and whatever you do when you see a predator, DON’T RUN! Tips for surviving a visit by a lion to your safari camp.

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