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Teens: How to Prepare and What NOT to Wear on Your Mexican Jungle Tour – Look totally in Fashion!

Teens (and adults, too) ~ ziplining, hiking and cave snorkelling in the jungle is no excuse to look drab and unfashionable! Any day trip you make in the Yucatan, Mexico, home of the ancient Mayan, whether it be tripping around Chichen Itza, hiking through the Tulum jungle or ATV’ing along ancient Mayan sacbe’s, it is cool to look fashionabe and not packing the kitchen sink. Being a local in the jungles and beaches of the ancient Mayan world all my life and knowing a lot of adventure guides I have written “What to prepare and what NOT to wear” guidelines that are shared in two parts. My name is Landis Grace and welcome to the jungles and adventures of the ancient Mayans.

Motorcycle Tours: Bikers Unite and Travel the World!

Motorcycle tours are exciting ways to travel through a beautiful region or explore the globe. Clubs and commercial touring companies offer bikers the opportunity to discover the world on a motorbike. Whether you are looking for a guided- or an unguided-tour, or an Adventure, a wealth of tours are open to you. Learn about the types of tours available, then forget all the work, the planning and the accommodations–even rent the bike. Look forward to your vacation experience on the open road!

Ballooning in Kent

Kent is a beautiful county based in South East England and has been associated with hot air ballooning since 1785. The county offers some of the most exceptional views from above and is a popular region for ballooning enthusiasts and first-time flyers alike.

Bicycle Tour the World!

Bicycling the world through a range of places–from exotic to quaint, from domestic to international–has immeasurable benefits! There are numerous companies and cycling clubs that offer an incredible array of group bicycle tours over safe routes. With these groups, all your tour needs are provided.

Travelling in Thailand by Train

There are a number of options available for travelling in Thailand. If you’re travelling across the length of the country- be it from central Thailand, down to the idyllic islands, or up to the more rural areas of Chiang Mai- travelling by sleeper train is a great, authentic and memorable alternative to intenal flights. The railway system in Thailand is really well-organised and the overnight train is a fantastic way to travel the longer distances- especially as you’ll get to meet lots of other travellers as well as local Thai along the way!

Vietnam Holidays – Trekking in Sapa

For those looking for adventurous Vietnam holidays, the country offers some fantastic trekking opportunities, taking in jungle forests, impressive mountain scenery, stop offs at traditional Vietnamese villages and a glimpse of the agriculturally astounding rice paddies that dot the land. One of the most popular destinations, situated in the Hoang Lien Mountains of the north is Sapa, an old French hill station that now provides adventure and luxury in equal measure.

Exploring Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula and Corcovado Park: The Essentials

A nature lover? Bird watcher? Want to explore one of the last great wilderness areas in Central America? Travel Costa Rica to its Osa Peninsula along its south Pacific coast, then visit the tiny, but incomparable, Corcovado National Park for perhaps the most intense biological experience of your life. But, don’t forget to make a reservation!

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is the largest national park in Uganda. It covers three thousand eight hundred forty square kilometers stretching over the two districts of Masindi and Amuru.

Many Sights and Wonders With African Safari Holidays

Almost everyone loves African safari holidays as there are plenty of offerings. African safari holidays are best enjoyed by those who are adventurous for some excitement in a different environment such as a safari.

To Backpack Solo or to Not Backpack Solo – Is That the Question?

I’ve been lucky enough to have backpacked through 19 country both solo and with friends and both are great in their own way. There are great things about both ways of travel and I cannot say that I prefer either one over the other. GOING SOLO There’s something “scary” about backpacking by yourself.

Snowmobiling Safety Tips – Part 1

Snowmobiling is a common bucket list item and given that you’ve stumbled across this article, perhaps it’s on yours? Planning your snowmobiling trip can be easy, but more importantly, will it be safe? Take a minute to study-up on snowmobiling safety before hitting the trails (then you can go back to dreaming about shredding the pow on the mountainside).

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