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Zanskar River Expedition – Experience Rafting in the Himalayan Region

River expedition in Zanskar valley is not a single day affair! In order to garb the dotted beauty of the valley, one has to plan vacation for more than a week or two. This touristy place is known for a number of tourist attractions including Leh Palace, Leh Monastery, Leh Mosque, Tsemo Gompa, Stok Palace Museum etc. Other than rafting adventure, many people visit the place for a relaxing holiday.

Enjoy Jeep Safari in Himalayan Region

If you are looking forward to have jeep safari in the Trans Himalayan regions, then you can consider visiting to Himachal Pradesh. This state in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent is blessed with the western Himalayas. The exotic places such as Kullu, Spiti, Zanskar, Kinnaur etc allures tourists from all pockets of the world.

Turks and Caicos Weddings On Islands in the Caribbean Sea

More than forty islands and cays make up the Turks and Caicos. These coral-white specks of sand shimmer in the transparent onyx waters of the Caribbean. The best part of all is that only eight of these islands are inhabited. The rest offer newlyweds romantic solitude and a chance to view the natural beauty of the Caribbean up close.

Explore – Dream – Discover

Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Adventure Traveling in Naples, Florida

When you first think about Naples, Florida what comes to mind? I used to think there wasn’t enough to do here, but I know better now. Join me for a moment while I show you all of the fun excursions that you can enjoy if you’re coming to Naples on the Gulf.

Adventure Travel Is One Thing – Getting Shot At When You Are Unarmed Is Quite Another

Affluent Americans have often sought out far lands to travel to and participate in what people call adventure travel. That’s all fine and good of course, unless you find yourself being shot at. It’s one thing to put yourself at risk in the African plain with big game animals, or to attempt to ski down incredible slopes in the Alps, or to climb the greatest mountains of the world, but it’s quite another to find yourself caught in a civil war that you have no part in.

Things to See When You Travel to Vancouver

Vancouver will amaze you with its breathtaking views and diverse culture. It is the third most populous city in Canada, after Toronto and Montreal. Take in the mountain and ocean views, do some whale watching, visit the Art Gallery or go back in time to pan for gold. You can do all this and more in this stunning city.

How I Learned To Respect The African Bush

That is the bush that I am talking about. It is abundant with some of the most fragrant and stunningly beautiful flowers and plants I have seen anywhere is the world. It is also home to a variety of animals, including the famous Meerkats and Cape Cobra. And at the top of Cape Town’s Table mountain, there are also cute little creatures called Rock Dassie, the nearest relative, DNA-wise, to the elephant. There are also all the little insects such as ticks, specialised flies, and fleas, that live off this rich wildlife. It is these that I have learned a hard lesson in respecting recently.

How To Use Luxury Train Travel

When a person would like to take a holiday, they may use luxury train travel as part of their traveling methods. Using a system that allows a traveler to sit in comfort while commuting somewhere is a great idea for anyone. Trains can transport someone from where they are to where they would like to go. Most services run all over the country and can provide access to many cities and communities. The prompt and useful service may allow someone to travel by train and use it to get to their vacation spot.

South African Holidays

Planning South African Holidays? This article covers the National Kruger Park as well other tours and adventure experiences around the country, making sure that you make the most of your South African holidays.

Heli Hiking

If you’ve ever thought that going on a nature hiking vacation would be wonderful, but you’ve been worried about how far you have to walk? Some hiking tours seem to suggest that you will have to walk uphill all day, and most of us aren’t cut out for that. If you love the outdoors but don’t think you’re fit enough to go on a long hike then you should look to heli-hiking as a viable alternative.

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