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Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled in the southeast end of western ghats, the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is a treasure trove of diverse flora and fauna. It was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1958, providing shelter to large wildlife population. Wildlife of Neyyar Fauna The dense forests of Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is habitat to exotic species of fauna.

What Adventure Holidays Are All About: A Bumpy Passage Through India

  ‘It will be an adventure!’ Said Krishna, my guide, nodding and smiling assuringly. I wasn’t so sure. I looked ahead at the battered old bus, spruced up to the nines in every colour under the hot Rajasthan sun, and bellowing out thick black fumes in an alarming fashion.

How to Hitchhike Like a Pro!

Hitchhiking is one of my favourite ways of traveling. You meet heaps of people (most of them pretty interesting) and I’ve often found it to be faster than taking the bus. I’ve done a fair bit of it. From Cross-Canada and Europe trips to short little hops near my home. I don’t consider myself an expert but here are some ideas and tips to get you started.

Things to Do In Nepal – Enjoy the Adventure

Nepal is one of the most visited adventure travel destinations in the world. Nepal is nestled in the mid of high mountain ranges and washed by the many holy rivers.

Cruising the Wharf

During the Spring my family and I decided to visit San Francisco. We were looking for a unique way to travel. Our children are now older and we did not want to go on the same old group tours.

Adventure in Himalaya

Himalaya is a power house of so many activities. It is a place where people go for meditation in the serenity nature and at the same time this mighty Himalaya is the venue for many adventurous activities. Adventure freaks around the globe visit Himalaya to have the contentment of their favorite activities.

It’s Monsoon Again!

In another article, I wrote about the excitement that spring brings to those who live in temperate climates, but what of people who live in the tropics? Contrary to the notion of many, the tropics do have seasons too. And although these seasons are by no means uniform, a three-season pattern of hot, wet, and ‘cool’ is quite common. In Thailand, for example, the hot season is the tropical equivalent to a winter. I remember travelling through northern Thailand at the end of the hot, dry, season, and if it weren’t for the soaring heat, from the train you might think you were seeing winter in a Mediterranean climate. A great many trees shed their leaves during this season (just as deciduous trees do in the winter), and regain them when the rains come.

Best Adventure Places in the World

If adventure is in your blood, you may want to look for great destinations that can offer you what you want. There are really people who would risk everything just to have a taste of adrenaline rush.

Spring Is On The Way!

For those of us from temperate climes (I live in four distinct seasons in Southern Japan), spring as very exciting and miraculous. Every day there is something new; there are flowers where before there were only dead branches, and there is green bursting out of what was mud. The yellow green of new, delicate leaves brings happiness and hope, and the first balmy breezes come to give us a sense of freedom. Where I live, the cherry blossoms burst into dazzling pinkish white in an almost shocking display of beauty, then along the same balmy winds flutter through the streets and alleys like exotic snow. It is then that you know the warmth is back and old man winter has retreated to his tomb for another year.

Japanese ‘Setsubun’ And American Groundhog’s Day

Setsubun is a ceremony in Japan to ensure that the upcoming spring will bring with it good fortune, and that old demons that may be hanging around are driven away. If you are an American you know the old yarn about the groundhog coming out of his hole to see his shadow. Oddly but perhaps typical of yarns, if the groundhog does ‘not’ see his shadow, that means that spring is coming soon. For your information, Groundhog’s Day is on February second (my birthday coincidentally), and Setsubun is on the third of the same month. Neither are national holidays, which used to disappoint me as a child but which I now could care less about. Setusbun, in fact, is far more exciting than Groundhog’s Day as far as I’m concerned.

Pockets of Eden

Like most large Asian cities on the sea, Fukuoka (also known as Hakata) has a bustling and very large industrialized harbor. It’s not pretty to look at when passing through, to say the least, but if you live next to the harbor as I do its charm grows. And the water is always relaxing and calming. I’m always passing over bridges that cross sea-lanes and afford views of the wide sea beyond. Seagulls fly above, and for lack of a better word, some sort of sea ducks always are congregating below on the water. A five minute walk from my house brings me to small man made beach with the biggest cranes (the structure, not the bird) I’ve ever seen in my life looming off in the distance. What I now see as quaint warehouses dot the piers beyond.

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