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Choose Your Own Adventure This Year!

Are you bored with your normal day to day routine? Why not plan adventure holidays for the summer and enjoy something new and exciting.

Travelling Around The World

Travelling is something everyone loves to do, but getting around to doing it can take a lot of time and energy people don’t have. Going away on holiday is often planned, but making a snap decision to go to another country is where the best holidays always happen, but where do people go when they randomly decide they’re travelling around the world?

Bus Terminals and Language Study in Guatemala

The bus terminal is a hive of activity as we arrive from El Salvador and search for the next bus on our journey to Antigua, Guatemala. Colorful buses are parked every which way and the sounds bombard us as we weave our way through the crowds of people. The sounds of honking horns, whistles, grinding gears and revving engines could be overwhelming to someone who has never experienced riding a chicken bus in Central America.

Top 5 Activities to Enjoy on an African Safari

Although seeing the huge diversity of animals that an Africa safari has to offer is no doubt at the top of your priority list, have you considered some of the activities and other sights that you might wish to enjoy during your visit? Here we suggest 5 activities not to be missed:

How to Enjoy Barcelona

Barcelona is a really amazing place of our planet and not accidentally considered one of the best touristic places. If you have never been there it is definitely worth to go and spend some time in this fabulous Spanish city.

Olu Deniz

Olu Deniz is located 14km south of the main town of Fethiye, and lays at the foot of BabadaAY, the huge mountain in which hundreds of paragliders take off and sail down to land on the promenade. It is a very unique sight as you lay on the beach and see the sky scattered with so many paragliding sails. Paragliding is just one of the many activities for tourists which can take place in this thriving resort such as boat trips to the surrounding islands, jet skiing, and parasailing.

Private Safaris Vs Group Safaris: Which Is the Better Choice?

Are you planning to go on an African safari but are not yet quite sure whether you would like to arrange for a private safari or go on a more affordable group safari? While both have their own pros and cons, choosing a private safari will give you more bang for your buck. Here’s why.

Top 5 Things to See in Australia

Australia is a popular tourist destination, and it attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. There is so much to see, from beautiful beaches to luscious jungles, that it can be a hard task to decide where to go.

Whale Watching in the Oregon Coast

When you’re done seeing all the historic attractions, tourist spots and all there is to see in the Oregon Coast, an excellent finale for your vacation would be to go whale watching. Fortunately, this activity is possible any time of the year you decide to visit and can usually be done from anywhere there is an ocean view in the Oregon Coast. This is also best done in the morning with the sun at your back, providing a lot of visibility.

Feeling Tired in Michigan?

Most people find long distance road trips both exciting and tiring. Especially when you are just a few hours from home after a long day of nothing but driving. Cruising up Interstate 94 in Michigan, just around the Allan Park area, you will certainly get tired – in a very literal sense.

Get A Thrill Canyoning In New Zealand

Forget a sheltered resort stay and the boring old New Zealand tourist attractions, if you’re looking for a real adventure down under then you have to stray from the beaten track. If you really want to dive into nature and experience the real New Zealand, book a trip canyoning through some of the most interesting parts of the country. It’s exciting, it’s unique and it’s a journey that you’ll never forget.

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