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Tours In Cuba Are a Great Deal of Fun, in Addition to Being a Real Educational Experience

The island of Cuba is well known for its white sandy beaches and warm sunny weather. Over the past twenty years or so, the country has been welcoming visitors from all over the world who want to experience everything that this tropical paradise has to offer. Now, you have the ability to experience your very own tour of Cuba, which will allow you to enjoy the island a well planned and stimulating manner.

Learning to Dive in the Red Sea

For many years, the Red Sea has, and continues to be one of the most popular diving destinations in the world. Its ever growing popularity has become such, that it provides a hub of tourism for all types of holiday makers. All year around guaranteed great weather is just one appealing factor, as are the shorter haul flights from European countries into Egypt, that make for a more comfortable visit, and with the exotic feel. Its specific appeal for divers, and visitors wanting to learn, is understandable due to the vast expanse along the coastline, from the north of the country to the south and into Sudan.

Five Ways to Continue Volunteering After Returning Home From a Volunteer Abroad Trip

Most international volunteers come home changed by their experience with a deep passion and connection to their host community. Coming home doesn’t mean that relationship has to end. Here are some ideas to make the most of your experience by continuing to support your volunteer project and community after your return.

South America Tours: Extreme Adventure

If your idea of a great vacation is full of extreme activities, check out some of these great South America vacation ideas. These South America tours include everything from hiking the Inca Trail to biking in Bolivia.

The Best Reasons to Visit Australia – The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s most visited tourist spot. It is the natural wonder that the country and its people are most proud of and it also features in the Top 7 Natural Wonders of the World. It is said to be the largest coral reef in the world. In fact, it is so big that it exceeds the Great Wall of China in length! Abundant marine life consisting of about three thousand reef systems, coral cays and literally thousands of islands make the Great Barrier Reef the ideal spot for a fun-filled vacation

Bourgas Taxi – Ideal Transportation

Bourgas taxi is an ideal transport solution if you are visiting this area. A larger number tourists visit Bourgas every year due to the city’s proximity to some of the most well known tourist destinations in Bulgaria. The city is located on the Black Sea coast of southern Bulgaria. It is one of the largest cities in that country and plays an important role in the Bulgarian tourism industry. It also serves as an important economic center. From Bourgas you can easily travel to places such as Sunny Beach, Ahtopol, Sozopol, St. Vlas and many more. Apart from that, there are many attractions within the city such as science and nature museum, museum of regional history, Folklore festival and Ethnographic museum. All these make this region an ideal place for your vacation. Many people visiting Bourgas for the first time may be confused about how to get around this place and visit their destinations. With taxi you will be able to move from one place to the other in a convenient way.

Why Do I Go Abroad? Answer: To Create A World Without Borders

A few months ago, I concluded a six-month stay in China. While I was there, one of my blog visitors asked “What are you trying to accomplish?” The reason such a question was even asked was that it seemed a bit odd that I, a Jamaican living in New York, would traips half-way around the world in search of a new life. Here’s my answer.

Nome, Alaska Birdwatching: There’s No Place Like Nome!

Nome lies on the Seward Peninsula, jutting into the Bering Sea. It’s a frontier town in a world where few such curiosities remain. Accessible only by boat and airplane, bordered on the West and South by the Bering Sea, and the North and East by miles of trackless wilderness just below the Arctic Circle, Nome is a fascinating and challenging destination. During June, the midnight sun is at its brightest, the tundra is in full bloom, and the birds and mammals are breeding by the thousands. Nome has a road system of about 300 miles, primarily dirt or gravel roads, that allows exploration of the remote and beautiful high tundra of the Seward Peninsula where only birds and mammals roam.

Discover the Magical Islands of India

There are many different types of Islands in India like river islands, lake islands, islands of the sea and of course, archipelagos that people can visit during their India tours. These islands are integral to the culture of the nation and yet they have a distinct identity of their own.

My Study Trip to South Western Uganda

On our way to South Western Uganda, we bought snacks and drinking water which we ate on our way to the destination. We did not encounter so many challenges except that of very deep valleys that was threatening to swallow all of us up at once. The other thing was the pot holed roads in Kisoro district.

Active-8 Adventure Activities for the Whole Family

The best accommodations for many visitors who go on vacation are the highly popular St. Ives holiday cottages. They are clean, spacious, comfortable and luxurious but affordable. Before you leave home, you can go online and book these luxurious St. Ives holiday cottages so that they will be ready when you reach St. Ives.

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