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Life As a Theme Park Lover Is Just Getting More Expensive

The annual price hikes by the world’s most beloved theme parks left many fans worried. Is the magic gets more expensive beyond the reach of average families?

Baracoa – A Hidden Beauty Inside Cuba

Baracoa is a town nestled close to the mountains in the east of Cuba. It is one of the most attractive and mysterious places on the island. No matter where you stay in Baracoa, you’ll always be among some of the most scenic views of Cuba. This beautiful town is packed with majestic views of the sky kissing the mountains and the deep blue sea. Baracoa is said to be first visited by Christopher Columbus on 27th November 1492. The meaning of Baracoa is “sea existence,” which is a name originating from Aruaco.

In the Lap of Nature – Cuba

Cuba is widely known for its unique historical development and exceptional biodiversity. The nation and its archipelagos are home to thousands of animal and plant species. Many of the species are endemic, thus making Cuba one of the most ecologically diverse nations and an ideal destination for eco-tourists and biological scientists.

Seeking Adventure? Come to Cuba

Cuba is one of the major tourist destinations of the Caribbean region. It is characterized by tropical climate, unique historic wealth and excellent beaches. All the environmental riches of Cuba make it an attractive option for nature lovers.

The Must-Do List for Ecstatic Cuban Expedition

Cuba is a country of rich culture, landscapes and alluring music. Every year millions of people visit Cuba, but exactly how many of them could have explored the real Cuba? May be a few! This is why you may want to prepare a small “things to do” list for your next stopover- Cuba. There are a few essential destinations you should add to your list of “must do things” during your stay at Cuba.

Why Hot Air Balloon Rides And Travelling Work So Well Together

Hot air balloon rides are popular with thousands of people all over the world. Whether taking a balloon ride in the chilly mornings over stunning countryside or watching the sunset over the sweltering hot deserts, there is a balloon flight for everyone and every occasion.

The Advantages of Using a Tour Operator for Your African Safari Trip

Should you use a tour operator for your African safari vacation or would you be better off if you will plan and book the trip all by yourself? While some people may think that they can have a successful safari adventure by doing the work all by themselves, it can actually create more problem than anyone has ever imagined.

Naadam Festival: Seeing It All in a Different Light

The Naadam Festival has gained much interest throughout the international media circle over the past few years. It is the biggest event in the Mongolian calendar and is regarded as the nomadic equivalent of the Olympics with ‘manly sports’ including wrestling, archery and bareback horse riding.

Adventure Tours in India – The Latest Holiday Trend

The Adventure tourism industry in India is booming. The country has become a popular destination for adventure activities such as trekking, white water rafting, mountaineering, and motor biking. Many tour companies in India are putting efforts to popularize adventure activities in India. The article explores the possibilities of adventure tours in the diverse country India.

Chopta Chandrashila Trekking

Chopta Chandrashila is a great way to discover joy in the Indian Himalayas. It is certainly a paradise for vivid trekkers. An impressive vantage point that offers 360 degrees panoramic views of the mighty Himalayas. This is a beautiful trek, with difficulty level rated as easy to moderate.

Finding Boutique Hotels In Melaka

Melaka, or often known as the Malacca, is located somewhere in the southern part of Malaysia. There, you will see a lot that will please your eyes, and of course mouth watering foods that gives pride to Malaysia.

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