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New Zealand – One of the Most Beautiful Countries In The World

“Clean”, “Green”, “GodZone” – these are but a few of the names given to New Zealand. And little wonder when you consider that because of its relatively small population and isolation, it still contains some of the most pure and beautiful scenery anywhere to be found.

Scuba Diving Locations on the Magdalen Islands

There’s big adventure on strategic scuba diving locations around the islands. Are you interested in diving and snorkeling some of the finest and relatively untouched reefs, north of Florida?

Do Not Disturb! Haunted Hotels in Arizona

Another Halloween is approaching and what a better way to celebrate than to stay in a haunted hotel!  If you live or are visiting Arizona over this Pagan holiday, there are plenty of opportunities to find yourself a ghost, Zoiks Scoob!

Travelling Around The World In 80 Days

Planning a round the world trip and need some inspiration? Here’s an idea about travelling around the world in 80 days. Hopefully, it will help you get your own round the world trip off the ground.

Heli Skiing – An Amazing Day on the Snow

It’s one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand, and some would say the planet. And what better way to experience it than to go heli skiing in Wanaka. You can be choppered out to a remote mountain range feeling on top of the world and actually almost be physically there too!

Six Health Tips for Travellers to India

With its multi-layered history and dazzling cultural diversity, India is a richly rewarding place to visit. In order to enjoy this mesmerizing country to the full you need to stay fit and well and this means being pro-active about your health.

Women Travellers to India – 7 Tips for Comfort

India is a fascinating country full of rich experiences. But the climate is harsh and can be hard to adjust to, especially for those from temperate regions. Here is some advice to help women travelers stay comfortable while exploring the sub-continent.

Safe Travel in India for Women – 7 Tips

Travelling in India alone as a foreign woman is usually not dangerous, as long as you use your commonsense and take precautions. Here are some tips to help you travel safely and keep sexual harassment to a minimum.

Hot Air Balloon Flights Across Shropshire

From the county town of Shrewsbury to the market towns of Whitchurch and Ludlow, Shropshire is a county that appeals to all. A hot air balloon ride in Shropshire offers the chance to view this scenic county from a completely new perspective.

Go Exotic! 4 Travel Destinations Forex Traders Must Visit This Summer

What is the remedy to unglue a super engrossed trader? All the money earned from forex trading has got to go somewhere. So pack your bags, laptops and camera and head to these must-see places worthy to be explored.

Festivals in Cuba

When planning your trip to Cuba, why not choose your travel dates based on one of Cuba’s renowned festivals or street parties. The blend of Spanish Caribbean cultures has given rise to a number of annual carnivals to celebrate distinct cultural traditions that play an important role in the country’s sense of national identity. The Cubans certainly know how to hold a good party!

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