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5 Tips for Success in a Service Industry Job

As more and more manufacturing jobs leave the United States in this era of global economics, we are becoming more focused on service-oriented industries. And as you would expect, the keys to success in service industry jobs differ slightly from jobs in a factory. Here are five things you need to remember to thrive: The Customer is Always Right: When it comes to service, the customer is always right.

Bird Watching Tours in South Africa

With its amazing biological diversity, thriving ecosystems and wonderful climate, it is no wonder that South Africa has emerged as one of the top global destinations for bird watching tours. South Africa has around 850 recorded bird species, 725 of them resident or migrant and 50 endemic. These numbers make bird watching tours supremely satisfying for birders of all levels who flock together (pardon the pun!) from all over the globe to catch a glimpse of beautiful, rare and endangered species – such as the blue crane and black African oystercatcher.

Antarctica – Home of the Blizzard

While I was in Antarctica the conditions that defined a Blizzard were described to me as follows: “To be officially a blizzard it has to be blowing over 34 knots (61.2 km/hr), visibility less than 100 metres, be a minus temperature, and last for over 3 hours.

Get More Family Holiday Ideas

There’s no better way to enjoy time with your family than to head off on a fabulous holiday together. But it can sometimes be difficult to decide where to go and what to do, particularly when there are so many fantastic places to see.

Orlando Florida – A Closer Look at Blockbusters

As the camera continues to roll on, Orlando will always be a part of every individual’s mind for many generations for its big contributions to the movie industry. Aside from being called the “Theme Park Capital of the World,” Orlando is also named as “Hollywood East” because of numerous blockbuster movies that were being filmed and produced at this place. This is no wonder because it is the home of the biggest movie studios in the world such as Walt Disney and Universal Studios.

Fiji Travel Guide: Hotels

If a South Pacific getaway is what you are looking for, a visit to the Fiji Islands may be the adventure for you. Once known as the “Cannibal Isles,” Fiji is now a very famous tourist destination that caters to what everyone in search of fun, thrills, exotic beaches, and a commune with nature needs.

Encouraging Environmental Awareness While in California

Planting trees and mountain climbing are not the only activities you can do to develop environmental awareness in children. California serves as a home to many attractions that can encourage this cause, whether you are visiting the place for the first time or long time residents of the state. A visit to the popular theme parks can offer the activities that would enlighten a person’s knowledge on the environment and its resources such as SeaWorld and San Diego Zoo.

5 Must See Attractions in San Francisco

If you are planning to travel to San Francisco and want to visit the top tourist attractions, here are the 5 must see sites you should include in your itinerary. 1) Alcatraz: This infamous prison features daily tours and videos with interviews from past guards. Learn about some of the most famous inhabitants as well as some of the most daring escapes.

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, The Participation Vacation

Second only to Brazil’s Carnival in name recognition, Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival offers citizens and tourists alike full participation in this Mardi Gras celebration. Unlike other worldwide festivals that require regional and cultural ties to Carnival associations or extensive choreography, Trinidad’s Carnival offers a complete immersion in this unique bacchanal.

Music and Dance Are Two Areas of Jamaican Culture You Must Experience When Visiting Jamaica

I am excited to share with you the rich and vibrant history of my country’s music and dance. You’ll hear the music and see the dance every where you travel over the island.

Self Drive Namibia Safaris: Top 3 Reasons This Is the Better Option

Explore self-drive Namibia safaris and discover why this is the better option for Africa travel. Your African safari specialist is waiting to hear from you!

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