Hard Work For 2 Flatfish – Baltic Sea of Jellyfish

Been There, Done That – 50 Times

When Arthur and Karen Brewer stepped off the plane in Hawaii a few weeks ago they accomplished a goal they set for themselves almost 40 years ago. Early in their relationship they vowed to visit every state in America before reaching their 50th wedding anniversary. They will soon celebrate their 38th, so they are well ahead of schedule.

Cocklebiddy Cave Expedition

Diving out in the Nullarbor Plain is what Australian cave diving is all about. To get to the dive site you literally head out into the desert and it is thousands of kilometers to the closest city. The trip becomes an expedition based purely on the remoteness of the site. There are no dive shops, in fact, there is not much of anything out there except for strong winds, red dust and piercing sunshine.

Enjoy Gorilla Tracking and Wonderful Safaris to Relish Nature

Uganda is a heaven for wildlife and nature lovers. It is home to natural parks, sanctuaries, forests, and safaris that give visitors an opportunity to experience nature at first hand.

Kenya Safari Tour – Here Are 5 Big Reasons Why You Should Not Miss This Amazing Trip to Kenya

Kenya is known for its awesome flora and fauna that comes second to no other in the world. For many years tourists have flocked Kenya to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.

5 Mystical World’s Best Places

The world around us is full of mystery. There are things that we think without knowing its existence. Science is not always find answers to all questions and that is why we always like to watch movies like “Lord of the Rings” and read “Harry Potter” a few times. All these things have a mysterious charm and appeal in the fact that we do not know all that. In ancient civilization of cultural practices, the mystery has been linked to all parts of the world. There are many places in the world that can be called a mystery for one reason or another.

Adventure in Margaret River

Margaret River is just one of those places in Western Australia that you can go to and enjoy yourself, regardless of how old you are, what sex you are and what you like doing. There is cheese and wine tasting, great surfing, cave exploring, plenty of amazing restaurants, accommodation ranging from backpackers right through to full on luxury houses on the beach, plenty of scenery to see and a good time for everyone.

Deep Sea Fishing in the Caribbean

One of the most popular activities for a father and son to do on the weekends is to go fishing together. There is something about sitting out on that boat on a still lake when it is dead quiet, just waiting for a fish to take the bait. If you enjoy this on a regular basis, consider kicking your fishing trip up a notch.

Swim With the Stingrays in the Caribbean

If you are one of those brave individuals who likes to live life on the edge, take a trip to the Cayman Islands to swim with the stingrays. One of the best snorkeling sights in the Caribbean is nestled right along the shores of these tiny islands.

Meet Yosemite’s Living Legend: Julia Parker a Person of Peace

The next time you visit Yosemite, you should make the effort to meet Julia Parker, a living legend. Sitting in the same spot she has occupied for the past four decades, just behind the museum, you’ll find Julia, patiently weaving her one-of-a-kind, treasured baskets. She is a fixture for park visitors and many people visit Yosemite just to meet her.

The Different Perks That Kenya Safaris Offer Travelers

Kenya safaris offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences that present all the best of what the country has to offer. Spectacular game views, unique recreational activities and luxurious accommodations will leave travelers wanting more.

Tanzania Safari Destinations

If you are interested in learning about adventure travel, then there is no better location to start at the Tanzania. This country has it all, great mountains and rivers, amazing wildlife and stunning scenery.

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