Halmahera Raja Ampat

Why You Should Stop in Padangbai on the Way to the Gili Islands

There’s a real exotic vibe about the village of Padangbai in the Karangasem region of Bali. Mostly known for its scuba diving there is a lot more to offer in this small fishing village.

A Little Romance Among The Ruins – A Memoir

From the 20th century’s graceful ocean liners to the flashy behemoths of today, what happened to the romance of ships? From Pan-American’s ‘Round The World Flight 101 to the flying sardine cans of today, what happened to the romance of flight? When the realism of motion picture film dissolved into soulless digital, whatever happened to the romance of cinema-the great Italian directors, the idyllic Merchant-Ivory productions? As I look back on my generation, the past has a clarity I can no longer see or hear in the present.

Rodeo Fun at the Pendleton Round-Up – Oregon

Have you ever wanted to see a true-blue American rodeo? If so, one of the events that will most certainly fulfill your desire is the 104 year old Pendleton Round-Up!

SeaWorld Orlando’s Mako Ride Is More Than Just a Screaming Delight

It seems there is no end to the amount of thrills we can have as a theme park fan. And when it comes to the world-famous rides in Orlando, Florida, the thrill gets even more aggressive and inspiring with every new addition to the list here. The coming of the all new Mako Coaster is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated theme park offerings in this regard.

Looking for Sakten

The 10-day trip to Merak and Sakteng was one of the best experiences that I ever had of trekking and hiking in the mountains. Although I had to walk for almost 10 grueling hours on alternate days, the journey was worth the while. So did someone rightly say: An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.

Why the Pinnacles Are Considered One of Nature’s Finest Creations

Just imagine a large stretch of a desert upon which are mysterious stone formations standing tall to create a stunning landscape. What a sight that would be to behold. Nearly every individual craves to go on a holiday at least once a year which makes choosing the travel destination even more difficult. Nobody would want to spend their hard earned money on a vacation that they wouldn’t’ enjoy.

Essentials That You Need To Carry In an Adventure Tour

Adventure tourism is booming, which means that most travelers these days are opting for adventure tours. But before they head towards their journey; they should also take care of the safety measures.

Exploring Spain’s Little-Known Coast and Sierras

Hidden valleys and unusual fiestas, spectacular waterfalls and tasty local dishes… they’re all there in this new guide to one of Spain’s lesser-known regions. That’s the area east of the city of Malaga, where you find the sleepy villages of the Axarquía region and the Costa Tropical in Granada province. As one reviewer comments: “This is a little gem of a book.”

Disney World Accommodations: On-Site Vs Off-Site

There are preferences and there are needs specific to individuals and families that determine whether a particular choice is better over the other. I think the same is true to the Disney World Lodging options as well. For some guests the decision of staying at an on-site property is more convenient, others think the off-site lodging alternatives make much better vacation deals.

Carribean Vacations: Punta Sal, Honduras

If you’re looking for a fantastic, majestic getaway this summer, Punta Sal Honduras is the perfect vacation spot! If you love the hot weather, sandy beaches and plenty of open water you will fall in love with Punta Sal Honduras! Its beachfront hotels and resorts are rated top of the line and the view will take your breath away.

Climbing Aconcagua Mountain, Argentina

If you are looking for some real mountain-climbing challenges, why not head to Western Argentina and Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Western hemisphere. Unlike Alpine mountains, this mountain looks more like a very large piece of rock that is visibly magnificent because of its sheer enormity.

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