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Top Three Tips for Making the Most of Your Trip

Most of us have been on holiday at some point in our lives but have we made the most of the experience? Whether you go to a caravan in Southend or trek through the Peruvian jungle, you should always make the most of your trip. Below are a few pointers for anybody who is planning to go on holiday.

Exotic Stays During Your Luxury Safari Holidays

Africa is a vast and beautiful country with plenty to explore and enjoy. The game is exotic and amazing. You will feel that you are living in a totally different world with your luxury African Safari escapade rather than a holiday. There is so much to see and do. However, you do not have to fret about being uncomfortable when you need a rest after a full day of adventure.

Top Romantic Escapades for Adventurous Couples

Couples, who have had their fill of romantic cruises or luxury suites and would rather go on an adventurous trip to rejuvenate their romance, have several options. Such escapades can be fun-filled, romantic, exploratory and at the same time bring the couple together in its own unique way..

Galapagos Bird Watching Tours

For many of those interested in birds, bird watching tours to the Galapagos represent a holy grail, a chance to travel in the footsteps of Darwin and see for themselves the incredible diversity of animal life on the islands that led to his development of the theory of evolution. Nowadays part of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands are an invaluable treasure trove of biodiversity. South America offers visitors some truly spectacular bird watching opportunities, but the Galapagos offer something really out of the ordinary. Here is a brief rundown of some of the most eagerly anticipated birds you might get to see if you choose to go on bird watching tours to the Galapagos Islands…

Exploring the Landscape on Madagascar Tours

When visitors arrive to Madagascar, they’re often stunned by the beautiful landscapes that await them. Those hoping to get up close and personal with the wildlife will discover the lush habitats are home to all the species they hope to spot, and almost everyone on Madagascar tours can gain a new appreciation for the land itself. Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot, and over 80% of its plant and animal species can only be found on the island. As the world’s fourth-largest island, visitors are often astonished by the range of different habitats and the diversity of the landscape. Read on to discover a few of the mysteries of Madagascar’s unique landscape and climate.

Information Related to Popular Thailand Tourism Destinations

If you are planning on renting a villa during your upcoming trip to Thailand, this article will provide you with information related to several of the most popular destinations. Whether you are considering Phuket or Krabi or one of the many other choices, you will find the information fascinating.

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Discover the wonder of the enigmatic Northern Lights that brandish dusky northern skies with shades of blue, green and red. Often seen during the winter months across Arctic regions, in particular parts of Scandinavia, the natural phenomena are more visible on cloudless nights, clear of light pollution.

Reasons Why Canoeing Makes A Fantastic Hobby For Everyone

Spending some time on a river or a lake with your friends or family on a canoe trip can offer something for everyone, from a relaxing time through to thrills and spills, whatever you want to get from the experience is possible to achieve. One of the greatest aspects of canoeing is that you can pretty much find something in it that you will love, whether it’s seeing new things or getting fit, it is an ideal hobby or activity for the majority of people.

Going To London’s Notting Hill Carnival

After putting my Notting Hill Carnival plans on the back burner for several years, I finally dusted them off and made the necessary preparations for what was to be an exciting and yet restful week. Armed with top notch accommodations and airline reservations websites, planning was a breeze. I also wasted no time in paying the required airline asking price after concluding the airline tickets were this pricey due to the August time frame.

Wild Bird Photography in Africa

Much of the attention of a safari is given to the ‘big five’ that every safari goer wants to tick off their list. But there are also those who are just as interested in the diverse bird life of the great African Continent and the opportunities for photographing African bird life are as diverse as the species that live on this inspiring continent.

Patagonia – The End of the Earth

Icy waves are breaking over the front of the kayak. Headwinds at 15 knots push against the three of us as we labor through the Beagle Channel between Argentina and Chile. It seemed like a fun idea to kayak to islands that few people have seen.

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