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Adventure Travel On The Road Less Travelled

Why not be the first of your friends and family to take up an adventure, being the first pioneer of your group to do something daring, thrilling, extreme, new, unique and most importantly enjoyable. Avoid the travel path that so many have done before you and take on the challenge of seeking out and complete and adventure on the road less travelled.

Ten Of The Most Extreme Sky-High Adventures

Are you looking to reach new heights? Are you looking for something a little more extreme? Here is a list of 10 heart-pumping, hair raising and thrilling adventures that are must do’s for those adrenalin junkies and those looking to try out something new.

Journey Through the Most Fascinating Corners of Africa

Few experiences can compare to the excitement of being surrounded by the wildlife of Africa’s jungles and savannas, quietly observing lions and gorillas, feeling the heat and dust on the skin, or walking through inhospitable paths with all the comfort and luxury one can desire. That is how discerning travelers experience and discover Africa. With that in mind, Extraordinary Journeys offers tourists an unforgettable vacation, paying special attention to every detail with superb organization and truly luxurious services. The company offers the Million Dollar Safari package, which aims to establish the balance between adventure and comfort, wherein the client can discover the endless, glorious excitement that can be found in the deepest parts of the African continent.

Universal Orlando CityWalk – Your Quest for Great Foods Ends Here

The Universal Orlando CityWalk is not just a collection of restaurants and stores that stands between the park-visitors and the amazing Universal rides and attractions. It’s a premier dining and shopping extravaganza that inspires and entertains visitors with the best of culinary concepts one can have. Being a guest to this favorite and one of the most sought after food and entertainment hubs in Orlando is really an exciting and memorable experience for any.

Trekking – A Way of Contemplating Nature

Trekking is a good way to give your body a thorough exercise and more importantly, the chance for you to contemplate the beauty of nature. It offers the opportunity for exploration and adventure.

Looking For A Bit Of Adventure On Your Next Cruise?

Adventure cruising is nothing like stereotypical cruises. Adventure cruising provides the ultimate in experience-driven travel from both land and sea. Visiting Antarctic glaciers or stepping foot on barely inhabited land are some of the best things adventure cruises have to offer. Adventure cruises can give you a once in a lifetime experience.

Show Caves of the Southeast, A Lake Can Make a Difference

Two show caves compared, one struggling to survive and the other a big success. Both caves are along interstate highways with easy access. However a lake can make a big difference.

Show Caves of the Southeast, Wonder Cave

Show caves or commercial caves are and have been very popular. My first show cave was Wonder Cave on the north side of Monteagle, Tennessee.

Luxury And Romantic Accommodation In Kenya

Kenya is easily the most popular tourist destination in East Africa offering spectacular beaches, abundant wildlife, historical attractions and, above all, a great cultural heritage. Due to the country’s flourishing tourism business, both local and foreign investors have established international standard hotels, lodges and camp-sites to meet the accommodation needs of the visitors.

Hiking or Riding Horseback in the Arizona Desert

This article talks about the Sonoran Desert and gives the reader fun facts to take away from the read. It also features three popular trails in Arizona.

An Adventure Ride of a Lifetime in Nepal – River Rafting and Trekking

Adventure is always out there in the wilderness. To discover it, you have to go out into the wild and test your endurance. Nepal offers so many adventures. For those who are searching something great and adventurous in life, Nepal is the place. Trekking in high mountains and rafting in strong wild white river are the two big adventures for thrill seekers.

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