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Two New Museums About the Maya Are Now Open in Yucatan, Mexico

Travelers interested in the Mayan Culture now have 2 new museums to visit in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico – the Gran Museo Del Mundo Maya in Merida and the Museo Maya de Cancun in Cancun. Both museums have incredible architecture and house extraordinary artifacts of Maya culture throughout the ages.

The Untold Story of Motorcycle and Horseback Riders

Motorcycle riders and horseback riders are typically macho, outdoors types that rarely complains aloud. But this pain is real. So real, that many will spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to avoid it. But seldom talks about it.

Top Three Treks for Nature and Adventure Lovers

A trip to the Himalayas is always a memorable experience. The great Himalayas have continued to attract visitors from every place as it has something for everyone; like for adventure sport lovers it has variety of adventures up its sleeves for example rafting, trekking, mountain biking, climbing etc. But often, visitors take to Himalayan trekking expeditions to get a closer look at the beauty that nature treks in Himalayas offer like an encounter with Himalaya flowers, rare trees, shrubs and coveted sightings of elusive animals.

How to Visit the Valle De La Luna in Chile!

How to visit one of the best areas of the world for natural beauty, star gazing in Northern Chile in the Valle de la Luna, and the incredible Bolivian Salt Flats of Salar de Uyuni! If you’re a landscape photographer, these are two of the most unique places to photograph!

Costa Rica – The Natural Beauty

Mandelieu Napoule – An Enticing Stop in the French Riviera

Affluent Americans Henry and Mary Clews bought the castle in 1971 and devoted their time to rebuild it. A guided tour around the chateau is definitely highly recommended as it allows you to experience up close the mansion’s exquisite architecture and artistic works, which lie mostly in the chateau’s museum.

Carova Beach – One of the Best Beaches in North Carolina

When you come to the United States, the beaches of Miami and Hawaii will most likely captivate your attention by being the most scenic view and the most festive of all beaches in America. However, if you want a place with a peaceful ambiance to relax, there are some places in North Carolina that you ought to see.

Island Hopping Adventure in Kodiak Alaska

Kodiak is the biggest island in the Kodiak archipelago, which lies on the south coast of Alaska. The archipelago is separated by the Shelikof Strait from the mainland.

‘Celebrate the Magic’ – Magic Kingdom’s Most Stunning and Immersive Storytelling Show

Being an avid admirer of the enchanting Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom Park, I can only say that the sight of this world famous -one of a kind fairytale attraction overlooking the Main Street USA is just awesome. Moreover, for me visiting the iconic palace is always an inspiring experience – a great way to enjoy the fairytale – magic that Disney is best known to have. And what makes it more interesting is the incredible role played by the Castle itself at night.

Cape Town’s Safari Option – Aquila Game Reserve

Heading to the city of Cape Town but can’t make it to Kruger or the neighbouring countries safari tours? Cape Town may not be safari central but that does mean you have to miss out on seeing Africa’s most amazing wildlife. Try out one Cape Town’s best safari option while visiting the southern city.

Best Tourist Places in Himachal

Moving to a foreign land or another state within the country always requires some additional preparation and precautions, no matter if you are on a holiday trip, trekking or any other venture. If you are visiting Himachal Pradesh for the first time, it’s always good to know some important facts about the mountainous state in order to make your Travel in Himachal very comfortable.

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