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Tips for Packing for Your Trekking Holiday

Packing for your trekking holiday will depend essentially on 4 things: Destination – If you are going for trekking in the Himalayas, a few things like high altitude, temperature, sunburn, windburn, snow burn, eye burn and skidding has to be taken into consideration. But if you are going to Peru your packing will be quite different. And if you are going for a camping holiday or a walking holiday in Bangalore your list will probably be shorter.

More Than A Year In Provence – Your Own Tour De France?

Peter Mayles started it all with “A Year in Provence.” Establishing what was to become a familiar pattern for the “we moved to France to start a new life” books.

When In Rome: Go To Carthage!

The most interesting Roman ruins are not in Rome. Roman ruins are buried under two thousand years of post-Roman civilization. The best Roman ruins are in Carthage, the Roman capital of Africa. Carthage is next door to the modern city of Tunis, capital of Tunisia, and Tunis was built next door to, not on top of, the ruins of Carthage. And so the Roman ruins in Carthage are pristine and in top condition.

Things To Do While in Auckland For A Vacation

while visiting Auckland in New Zealand, you can enjoy a lot of exciting things from swimming, sightseeing and leisure walks. The city of Auckland has different scenic views and activities to visitors who came to visit all year round.

The Best Places to Visit During Winter

Are you ready to embrace the winter and search for one of the world’s coolest adventures? Instead of escaping the cold temperatures of winter why not embrace it and try one of these cool and awesome winter destinations.

Where To Shark Dive In Australia

Looking for a place to experience a shark dive in Australia? Visit these locations where you can get the best chance to meet Jaws face to face and all his relatives.

Becoming A Part Of A Hot Air Balloon Community

There are lots of people who may not know much about hot air ballooning, or in fact how big and active the ballooning community is. Whether you’re looking for some tips on piloting a hot air balloon ride or want to offer some of your own advice there are many different ways of doing so.

A New Era Of Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot air balloon flights are one of the most recognised contraptions that grace the skies. Partly because they are extremely large and hard to miss, but also because they resemble a giant version of a household balloon! There are in fact many different types of balloon rides that many people aren’t aware of.

Turangi Top Attractions

Turangi is a town known for it’s winter attractions and scenic beauty. Some of the great things to be done here are skiing, hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, tout fishing and many more.

The Best Worldwide Destinations For Mountaineering

Find out what the best worldwide destinations are for mountaineering. Climb to one of these summits on your next adventure holiday.

The Top 5 of Popular Music Festivals in London

London is definitely a great place to visit. Many tourists visit this city to see its historical buildings, monuments, museums and art galleries. However, London is famous not only for its historical heritage. It is also great to visit if you love music, as this is the host city of some popular music festivals.

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