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The Best Worldwide Destinations For Trekking

Find out what the best worldwide destinations are for a trekking adventure. Visit one of these naturally and significantly beautiful setting for your next hike.

Orchestrating the Whales and the WhaleWatch Captain

I was visiting with my friend’s mom, Linda. She had come over to tell me stories of my friend Jimmy, her son, who was in the military overseas. As we exchanged stories she began to ask me what I have been doing with my summer and I told her I was a whale watch captain. From that point we began telling whalewatching stories and laughing and laughing until she told me this one.

Experience the Best of Royalty and Grandeur in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is among the most prominent cities in the state of Rajasthan. During the reign of Rajputs, it used to be the capital of the mighty kingdom of Mewar. Set in the serene landscape of the Thar desert, Jodhpur is home to many palaces, forts and temples.

The Man Eaters of Tsavo

When one hears about the man-eaters of Tsavo, an image of marauding lions rampaging through villages in Africa immediately comes to mind. In fact, it is sometimes quite innocently assumed that all lions in the Tsavo National Park are man-eaters. Nothing can be further from the truth, but going by documented evidence, the man-eaters of Tsavo were a pair of male lions that wreaked havoc during the construction of a railway bridge across the Tsavo River toward the end of the 19th century, the victims being primarily Indian workers.

The Factors to Consider When Choosing Holiday Villas

A vacation needs proper planning. You will need to choose the right holiday destination if you are looking for memorable experience. The right holiday destination gives you an opportunity to savor everything good offered to tourists, making your trip memorable.

When Accidents Happen Abroad

What to do in an emergency when abroad. What you could do to help the victim recover quicker.

Ladakh – Trekking Travel Tips

Ladakh is among the top visited tourist destinations. The snow dressed mountains, high passes, majestic glaciers, deep crevasse, splendid gorges and lush meadows constitute together to make Ladakh a paradise for trekkers.

It’s a Sea of Surprises for ‘SeaWorld’ Fans in 2014

Turning 50 is a big achievement. And the achievement only gets bigger and more exciting if it is for a world famous theme park company. Back in May 2005 when the first of the Disney Parks turned fifty, fans were just stunned with the biggest and longest Birthday celebration in the history of Theme Parks ever.

Mount Kenya – Irresistible To Climbers and Trekkers

Mount Kenya straddles the equator and stands at 5199 meters high. Its beautiful snow-capped peaks and imposing height have attracted adventurous climbers and trekkers for years.

Whatever You Do, Do Not Stop Running – Or We’ll Die!

Whatever you do, do not stop running… or we’ll die! Comforting words from the stranger I’m strapped to, as I prepare to run off a mountain in the Swiss Alps! I had always wanted to paraglide, and the stunning landscape of the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland seemed like a perfect place to do it. Plus my father was with me, who I get my adventurous spirit from. So it would be a wonderful travel memory for the two of us to share!

“One Lane, Two Directions!” A Reggae-Filled Pilgrimage to Nine Mile, Jamaica

“We not comparin’, we just sharin’!” Those were the words of our guide, Gary, as he told us stories about his homeland of Jamaica while the rhythmic sounds of legendary Bob Marley vibrated loudly throughout the bus. We were on our way to Nine Mile, Jamaica; the inspiration and final resting place of this pioneer of Reggae music, and symbol of Jamaica. Bouncing around in this “country bus” jamming out to Bob’s tunes and drinking rum punch was a fitting way to explore the countryside.

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