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Transport in South Africa

South Africa is made for self-drive trips. The road system is well developed compared to most African countries, and most destinations are well-signposted. Being a former British colony it is left-hand drive and there are plenty of petrol stations on the main routes.

Kenya: When to Go

So, you’ve decided to go on safari; the next big decision is choosing when to go. A safari holiday is rarely anything less than an extravagance so it is important that you get your timing right. Dry Season vs…

The Beaches of Kenya and Tanzania

Although famed for their amazing safari parks, Kenya and Tanzania are also blessed with stunning beaches with picture perfect white sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea. Tanzania Most flights into Tanzania arrive in the coastal city of Dar Es Salam, however if you are looking for great beaches then you may be in for some disappointment. Luckily enough, just a few hours off the coast is the island of Zanzibar, a place with more than a touch of the exotic.

Top 3 Must-Try Activities in Torquay

The Devon holiday cottages and the Torquay holiday cottages are synonymous to fun-packed holidays. There is never a dull moment when in Torquay with restaurants to try, festivals you can join and activities to do.

Spain Holidays and Vacations: Visiting Beautiful Lloret De Mar

Need a new destination spot for your holiday travels? Beautiful Lloret De Mar in Spain has it all, from beaches to historical sights. Come see if this vacation spot has what you are looking for.

Nova Scotia – Fun and Recreation

Nova Scotia is known as “Canada’s Ocean Playground.” That title should serve as a major clue that Nova Scotia is big on fun and recreation. Come play in this amazing Atlantic Province!

Loving Las Vegas

When it comes to this city, every enthusiastic vacationer will tell you, just go for it. Reason? Well, there’s no place in the whole world that can replicate the excitement, the enchantment, the fascination and the lively experiences that Las Vegas has to offer.

How to Hire a Guide in Morocco

Tips and suggestions on how to hire a tour guide in Morocco. Includes information on what to do before leaving for a trip, how to hire a guide once you arrive and how to handle differences in language.

Beautiful Band-E Amir – The Ultimate Travel Destination

Beautiful Band-e Amir – The Ultimate Travel Destination. Looking for a vacation off the beaten path? Looking for adventure and wild natural beauty? Then Band-e Amir may be right for you!

Steps To Getting A Child Passport

Every US citizen must have a US passport for international air travel and now that law includes children as well. Formerly, children could, in certain circumstances, travel under their parent’s passport but new laws to help prevent international child abduction require a child passport for every minor.

How to Go on a Cheap African Safari?

Cost of living is daily going up. Cost of airline tickets is going up and US dollar is depreciating against other currencies. It more than important stretch your travel dollar further.

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