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The Fenix Rises Far Above The LED Flashlight Ashes

Flashlights are not like they used to be. When I usually think of a flashlight, it’s usually a Mag-lite, or the tacky plastic protected ones I grew up with. The TK40 LED Flashlight by Fenix cleared up a lot of things, it’s innovative technology and power changed my perspective.

Saadani National Park – Tanzania

Picture this. You standing on a beach of golden sand with the serene invitation of the deep blue ocean on one side and the haunting intrigue of a tropical forest on the other. And, imagine lazing on this beach, while you watch elephants come in from the forest to frolic in the sun and the surf.

USA Road Trips – The Big Sur

The Big Sur is one of the most spectacular coastlines I have every seen. Even the beautiful valleys and coasts of Hawaii just don’t come close to this amazing beauty of the Big Sur. Translated from Spanish Big Sur is ‘El Sur Grande’ which translated into Big South.

Hawaii – Islands of Adventure

Hawaii is a destination filled with excitement, sun, shopping and adventure. With many islands to choose from Hawaii as a lot more to offer than meets the eye. In this article I will share with you the adventure side from the Atlantis Submarine to Shark Diving.

Self Guided Bike Tours in France

There are several ways one can go about touring around France on a bicycle. One way is to go with a group tour. Another option that is gaining popularity for bike tours in France are self-guided tours. These tours take a bit more of an adventurous spirit, as the guests are giving maps and tourist information with a suggested program for each day, but instead of being in a group they follow the maps and navigate on their own.

Tourism Industry Is Growing Fast in Nepal

Tourism industry is growing fast in Nepal. It has been included in the top ten travel recommendation 2010 worldwide. Nepal, the land of mountains, is one of the most spectacular places on earth.

Thrilling and Exciting Wild Life Adventure Tours

Life without adventure is quite dull and monotonous. We should try to experience adventures of any type whenever there is an opportunity. The adventurous wildlife tours can give you immense pleasure and excitement.

Experience the Charm of Royal Tours With Rajasthan Tours

It is a fact that when it comes to India, this country is known for thousands of reasons. For instance its diverse culture, attractive flora and fauna, magnificent people, architecture and so on. There are many beautiful states in India that are known as the best tourist destinations for one reason or the other.

Tanzania Safari FAQs

If you are currently in the process of looking into arranging a Tanzanian safari holiday, then you may have become overwhelmed with the huge variety of options available to you, in many different forms, from National Parks and Game Reserves to visit, to types of accommodation that you can stay in. To simplify allot of these very commonly asked questions, I have put together some simple answer to help you make your mind up about specific details of your safari itinerary.

Driving In Mexico – Know The Rules

The Rules of the road are very different in Mexico than in the States. It is a good idea to study the road signs before starting the trip.

Beating The Tuition Fees: Alternatives to University

With recent announcements that annual university tuition fees are set to rise to as much as £9,000, whilst places on degree courses will be cut by 10,000, the criteria for qualifying for a university education is changing rapidly – but a degree is not the only way to gain great experience and training. There are many alternatives to a traditional university education, including volunteering abroad in developing countries or experience on home soil, that won’t cost you the earth – here’s our guide to beating the tuition fees.

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