Family Snorkeling in Puerto Rico!

5 Reasons an Alaskan Travel Adventure Is the Right Vacation for You!

If you are looking for a unique place to travel to, Alaska adventure vacations might be the right choice for you. Alaska is one of those places people fall in love with and keep going back to year after year. Ever wonder what you are missing?

Soul Of Mediterranean Culture In Roman Era Found In Ruins Of Hippo Regius In Algeria

Algeria is home to 36 million people but it occupies nearly one million square miles, by far the largest nation in all of Africa, four times the size of Texas. It is a sparsely populated country, especially outside the major cities. Many Algerians are packed into large urban areas like Algiers, which has a population approaching four million. So Algeria is mainly a land of vast deserts, a nation of the Sahara providing vistas away from cities, great expanses of land with few people but much sky. The seacoast is wonderfully fertile and well watered a magnificent country that was once the breadbasket of ancient Rome. In many ways, it has the characteristics that would be instantly familiar to Californians who farm that fertile state — a seaward plain that leads inland to a wall of mountains that tend to keep the plain well-watered by blocking ocean moisture from travelling over the mountains. This is the same set-up in both the coast of the Southern Med and the coast of California.

Top 3 Extreme Sports Adventures

Looking for new thrills and excitement in your life? Maybe jumping off a bridge? Falling from the skies? Riding the wild rapids? Start living a life that is Nothing But Adventure with one of these top 3 extreme sports adventures.

Winter Adventure Activities In Australia

Time to embrace the winter chill and start looking forward to the adventures that winter brings with it. There are a number of winter adventure activities to do here in Australia.

Top 3 Fitness Adventure Activities

Looking for fun and exciting ways to keep fit and active? In this article we take a look at the Top 3 Fitness Adventure Activities to not only keep in you shape, but make you feel incredible too.

What Is Altitude Sickness and How to Protect Yourself If You Are Planning High Altitude Trekking?

The main problem at altitude more than 3000 m is that the level of oxygen in the air is low, barometric pressure is decreased and the body cannot get as much oxygen as it needs. By definition, high altitude is 1500-3500 meters, 3500-5500 m is very high altitude and extreme altitude is above 5500 m.It is hard to determine who will be affected by altitude sickness but most people can ascend to 2,400 m without difficulty.

7 Ways Backpackers Can Save Money While On Safari in Kenya

Backpacking through any country in Africa is not for the faint of heart, and Kenya is definitely a wonderful and rewarding challenge for any independent traveler. There are numerous ways of seeing the great sights of Kenya on a minimal budget, especially if you know a little bit of Swahili to get around. Here are some invaluable tips on how to save money on your backpacking safari in Kenya.

Top 5 Beaches to Visit in Australia

Looking for the best beaches to visit in Australia? In this article I go through the top 5 beaches in different locations across Australia.

Eureka Panther Peak Backpack Review

This is a review of the Eureka Panther Peak 30l back pack. I list some of the good and some of the bad. Full Review!

A Guide for Farmers to Buy the Best Agricultural Equipment

Agriculture holds its roots in the pre historic days when man began to become civilized. The practices of agriculture have kept changing since then. New equipments and techniques are being invented and developed every now and them to increase the productivity. In the present day world, multiplying the amount of productivity is certainly a challenge. In order to face this challenge and make things work, it is important that farmers and agriculturists use the modern agricultural equipments like stick rakes, slashers, grader blades and the like. This will unquestionably save time and effort.

11 Sound Bite Reasons to Go on a Modern Gap Year

There’s loads of reasons not to do something. To actually create, do or build something is hard. A lot of the people I like and admire have done a trip or lived abroad in some part of their lives. You know you can spend 3000 GBP on a camera of massive big LCD TV… or you can take off on a Gap Year round the world. As you sit in your rocking horse at the age of 97, probably dribbling, I wonder what you’re going to remember most…

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