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Catalunya: Perfect for a Cycling Holiday

Catalunya is an excellent choice for a cycling holiday in Spain, as there is plenty to see along its charming, winding roads. Many of the routes are relatively flat, while you’ll meet little traffic as you pedal, making it an ideal option if you haven’t cycled much.

Holiday to Mombasa

If you have not been to Mombasa Kenya for a holiday, then you might just be missing out on one of the most exciting holiday getaways in Africa. Experience Kenya’s land contrast as you enjoy the pristine white sandy shores.

Conquering Mt Tauhara Taupo

A beautiful day walk for when you are staying in Taupo. Mt Tauhara is a dormant volcano that is covered in lush New Zealand native bush. From the summit you will get amazing views of Lake Taupo, the Volcanic plateau and the Central North Island.

How to Keep Your Motorcycle Safe on the Road

Safety on the road is an issue that concerns every motorcyclist in the world. Motorcycles are pricy assets and when we travel around the world they represent everything: our home, our soul, our personality and obviously our only means of transportation. Basically losing your bike during an overland journey is an unimaginable catastrophe. How do you prevent this from happening?

Bear Stalking

My first vacation visiting wild Alaska and seeing wolves, bears and eagles. An adventure I will always remember.

The Many Wonders Of Mijas, Spain

Mijas is a beautiful municipality in the Malaga province. It is separated into two different areas. The village or the pueblo is where you can see traditional Andalucian structures that are whitewashed as well as charming cobbled streets.

Venomous Snakes Of Belize

  Belize has approximately 140 species of reptiles living within its’ borders. More than 1/3 of Belize’s entire reptile list, over 50, is made up of snakes. However, fortunately for humans, only 8 snake species in Belize have been proven to be poisonous.

Wildlife Watching in Spitsbergen

Spitsbergen is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts on polar holidays with the expectation of seeing diverse wildlife and dramatic scenery. It is the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago in Norway and is bordered by some of the world’s coldest waters. Though this large island is inhabited by some permanent, human occupants, the main residents of Spitsbergen are the birds and animals that thrive in the frigid climate. With its dramatic landscape of jagged mountains, deep gorges, and mammoth glaciers, the animals that call Spitsbergen home are hearty Arctic creatures and migratory birds. While travelling around the island, you will have the opportunity to see the large Monaco and King’s Glaciers, visit the Brunnich’s Guillemot colonies, and maybe catch a glimpse of the well-camouflaged Arctic Fox.

Polar Holidays to View the Wonderful Wildlife of Spitsbergen

The Norwegian island of Spitsbergen is the largest and only permanently occupied island of the Svalbard archipelago. Its position bordering the Arctic Sea, the Greenland Sea, and the Norwegian Sea makes Spitsbergen an ideal place to visit on polar holidays. Even though the summer high is a cool four to six degrees, the island is a perfect place to visit in order to see some of the native Arctic wildlife in its natural habitat without having to travel high up into the frozen polar region. Travelling in and around Spitsbergen will introduce you to some of the most famous Arctic creatures, such as Polar Bears, seals, and Walruses.

Watching Polar Bears in the Arctic

Near the very top of the world sits the northernmost region of the Arctic. Polar holidays to the area that focus on Polar Bear watching will take you into some of the cold and often isolated lands that the Arctic encompasses, such as parts of Canada, Finland, The United States, Norway, Greenland, Iceland, and Russia. To head to this frozen, northernmost part of the planet requires a lot of preparation and planning, but seeing the polar animals in their natural habitats makes a trip to the Arctic unique and unforgettable.

Birdwatching in Finland’s Western Siberian Taiga

The Nordic country of Finland is part of the “Fennoscandian” region in the northern part of Europe bordered by Sweden, Norway, Russian, and the Gulf of Finland to the south. Finland is part of the Boreal Kingdom, which was noted by botanist, Ronald Good, to be a specific floral and faunal ecosystem within the Eurasian and Arctic area. Polar holidays to study and watch the birds of the high, arctic regions of Finland are an excellent way to get a first hand understanding of some of the 248 bird species this unique and beautiful ecosystem has to offer.

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