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Historical Facts Of The Mayan Civilization And Ruins

Have you ever wondered about Mayan Indians, the timeline of their beginning as well as disappearance? Have you wondered about the latest historical facts and artifacts; what and where they have been discovered? Have you wondered where the most popular Maya ruins are located? Our research will help answer your questions.

Eating Out in Kenya On Your African Safari

Kenya is a superb culinary nation that is enhanced by a wealth of natural produces and the rich cultural and traditional diversity. Each of the 42 Kenyan tribes spread across the country has special delicacies that can take a lifetime to sample while on an African Safari. The Rift Valley region is the main food basket of the country because of the rich volcanic soils, where most of the fresh vegetables and cereals consumed in the country are produced.

Kayaking in Jacksonville: Urban Paddling in the River City

Jacksonville, Florida, offers kayakers an interesting paddling alternative. Urban kayaking in the River City is an adventure experienced paddlers won’t want to miss!

Five Road Trip Ideas

An article offering advice on taking a road trip. This includes examples of some recommended trips.

Gibnut: The Royal Rat Of Belize

In Belize the Paca is most often referred to as the Gibnut. Interestingly though, Belize has yet another name for the Paca: the ‘Queen’s Rat’ or the ‘Royal Rat of Belize.’

North and South: Two Completely Different Motorhome Holidays

There are literally thousands of destinations you could visit while holidaying in a motorhome, but we are going to be focusing on two of them in this article, Scotland and Cornwall. These are two very popular motorhoming hotspots in the United Kingdom.

How to Discover and Explore Zululand South Africa

Ever heard of Zululand, Shakaland or maybe King Shaka? South Africa with its numerous provinces offers one an opportunity to witness not just Cape Town, Kruger National Park and the arriving and departing terminals at either Johannesburgh or Cape Town.

Tips For Horse Riding Vacations

Horse riding vacations can be one of the most adventurous trips you can have. Explore the nature on the horseback is very appealing for many people. Here are some of the tips to help your vacation be more memorable.

The Pitfalls of Traveling in Central America

This article will touch on some of the highlights of traveling through Central America, and why anyone interested in budget travel should explore this part of the world. In the article we will touch on potential budgets, activities and more.

Experience Fox And Franz Josef Glaciers In New Zealand

Many travellers are starting to choose adventure over sitting on a beach for a week, exploring new places and seeing what the world has to offer. With quaint small towns, bustling cities, gorgeous, green native bush and snow-laden mountain tops, New Zealand has everything you could want in a vacation destination. If you’re looking for an adventure holiday, New Zealand should be at the top of your list.

The Top Global Destinations for Whitewater Rafting

River rafting is viewed to be one of the most exciting vacation experiences one can go through in his or her life. This is definitely something which calls for full cooperation and solidarity with the rest of your companions. Yet, if you have got a no fear attitude and are ready to take on a challenge, this might function as the perfect activity for you.

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