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Voices From Our Travels – Putre, Chile

While looking out over a massive mineral deposit (A scarred gorge that looks like it has been eaten out of the arid Andean altiplano by acid) you will notice one thing above all else: silence. You were brought here by Justino Jiron who found this place some years ago while exploring new tracks through the virtually inaccessible back country of Vicuna National Reserve, one of three marvelous parks contained in the UNESCO Biosphere reserve. Justino, born and raised here at Chile’s northern tip, started Tour Andino.

Making a Family Vacation Educational and Still Fun

Now I have two little girls and I am going to tell you that I love taking them on vacation. I love exploring new things and watching them experience something fun and completely new to them. When I first started being so fascinated in taking them places for vacation I started with just the normal stuff.

The Most Rewarding Family Adventure Travel Experience in Costa Rica

Getting to Tortuguero National Park is quite an adventure! Tortuguero National Park lies on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, and though we had heard that it features an incredible variety of wildlife in a near-jungle setting, we were going for the main attraction – to see turtles nesting their eggs along the coastline.

Indonesia – So Much More Than Just Bali (Part 1)

Komodo Dragons rule! We flew to Bali to get an onward flight to Flores to take a boat to see the Komodo Dragons. Bali did not impress us but the Komodo Dragons certainly did. If you go to Bali take the extra few days to go and see these wonderful historic creatures in the wild.

Amazing Water Adventures Await You in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers a wide array of water adventures and water-related sports. The country’s 1200 km coastline affords some of the best water sports beaches offering surfing, snorkeling, board surfing and scuba diving, while inland rivers and rainforests are packed with boating, kayaking and white water rafting adventures. Surfing, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Some of the world’s best year-round surfing lures water enthusiasts to Costa Rica.

More About Diani Beach Safaris In Kenya

Diani safaris can be pleasurable if they are planned carefully. Diani beach is found in Kenya along the Indian Ocean shoreline. It receives numerous visitors every year because of many reasons. First, Diani is a white sand shore accentuated by tall palm trees and blue Indian Ocean waters.

How To Fantasize About The Dreamland Of An Exotic Countryside

Regardless of gender, there are people who would love to be any place but where they are, and if only they could transport to a distant location of exotic aromas and breathtaking scenery life could be so grand. Here are a few ideas on how to create a wonderful fantasy to keep you hanging on through the realities of life.

Why The Best Whitewater Rafting Trips Start With The Outfitters

If you enjoy the outdoors and it’s time for a vacation then a vacation where you can experience all of the beauty and thrills of a whitewater rafting trip makes for a vacation experience you’ll remember for a lifetime. To ensure you’re getting that ultimate rafting vacation, you need to connect with the best whitewater rafting outfitter to make sure that you definitely have someone who knows where the best rafting is but that you’re working with professionals who will ensure your safety as well. Even though there are six classes of whitewater, they range from basically a…

How My House in Japan Showed Me To Rise To The Challenge

When I moved to Nagano in 1997, the company I worked for gave me a small apartment. It was one room, with a tiny bathroom about the size of one in an RV, and a small kitchenette. The apartment was in the centre of the city and I used to grab my mountain bike a couple mornings each week and head for the hills.

Ideas For African Vacations

There are many destinations and adventures that await with African vacations. Africa in probably the most diverse continent for variations in wildlife, bird species, and cultures in the world, the second being Australia and New Zealand. Here the continent of Africa has devoted vast tracks of land to National Parks, and wildlife preserves, with some of these being as large if not bigger than Texas and Alaska. Countries such as Botswana, Tanzani, South Africa, and Kenya, devoting their time and efforts to the conservation and preservation of wildlife. There are many different endangered and threatened species that owe their salvation to these people.

Ranthambore National Park – Pictorial Ruins Amidst Wildlife

The Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan is undeniably one of the most scenic forest reserves in the whole world. Applauded as one of India’s praise worthy reserves, the rugged terrain of this park is dotted by silent and ruined structure of the Ranthambore Fort. The fort is located inside the sanctuary.

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