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The Best Meals in Puerto Rico

An integral part of visiting any city in the world is eating out. And when you are in a tourist’s paradise like that of San Juan in Puerto Rico, the choice can be just bewildering. You may not have all the time in the world on your hands to sample the best of the restaurants here and that is why you need to have a list that will at least help you touch the basics of good food in this city.

Playing It Safe When Visiting Puerto Rico

The peak season for Puerto Rico visits are based on two weather changes – one is December to April, where most of the folk attempt to leave the freezing cold of America. This is also the most expensive season when hotels, food is costly and the sights can be on the higher side of pricing.

Riding the Surf in Puerto Rico

When you are at Maria’s you will find that the best waves come from the northwest and always at low at low tide. Being an expert is not necessary here and many surfers come here to practices their moves. The only negatives are the massive crowds and the reefs filled with sea urchins

Taking in Puerto Rico

There are several other places that Puerto Rico has for you to explore. Plan in advance on the kind of holiday you would like to have and head to the part of the city that offers it.

The Adventurous Side of Puerto Rico

Wilderness Camping can be really adventurous. How about traveling by boat through the night on stormy waters of the Mona Passage and then setting up camp at the uninhabited Mona Island?

Dance the Night Away for Fun

Club Brava is generally of the top of every tourist’s list. It boasts of having some of the best international DJs come and play here. Celebrities are a regular site as are large hordes of people from the mainland

Tee Off in Puerto Rico

The one thing about Puerto Rico is that it covers all bases for every kind of tourist. And with golf being a primary interest for several people across the globe, Puerto Rico has some of the best, in fact 23 golf courses, to choose from. Here is how you can go about planning a Puerto Ricon golf holiday.

Taking in the Sights of Yesterday

The cuisine of Puerto Rico is not something to be missed at all. The food is an eclectic mix and you are bound to find something that will tickle your fancy. What is also important is that you make a bold step to experiment with something that you have not tried.

Summer Activities in Telluride, CO

Everyone knows the Telluride Colorado is a wonderful skiing location. But did you know telluride provides an excellent venue for summer activities as well? Try the following Telluride activities: River Rafting There is little that beats the thrill of zooming down a roaring river.

Real Animal Encounters on an African Safari

When you embark upon an African safari, you know you’re going to have the opportunity to view an abundance of wildlife, from elephant and giraffe to lion and hyena. One of the advantages of taking a luxury safari today is that you can now get even closer to these animals.

The Benefits Of Online Travel Booking

The age of the internet has provided a wide range of conveniences and nowadays, people make travel plans without leaving the comfort of their homes. As long as you posses an internet connection, you are able to plan your holiday without leaving your home. In this rapidly advancing world, making online travel booking has become particularly common.

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