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When Is The Best Time To Snorkel In The Whitsundays

So, when is the best time? People often ask when is the best time to snorkel in the Whitsundays. In this article we discuss a number of factors including tide, time of day, tide and current flow, and wind to consider the most important factors.

The Best Reasons to Visit India – Nature Tourism

The landscape of India is blessed with uncountable natural wonders, which increase the beauty of this place phenomenally. Lofty mountains, serene lakes and rivers, evergreen jungles and mystical caves act as embellishments to this amazing land of diversity. The wide availability of these natural marvels only serves as cherry on the cake for a visitor. Read on to check out a few of the many interesting places of incredible India.

Top 5 Hikes In New Zealand

New Zealand is a trekkers paradise. From short one day hikes to longer multi day hikes through amazing coastal scenery, lush rainforest, ice capped alpine mountains and volcanoes, your options are almost unlimited. Here are my top 5 hikes in New Zealand.

Top Destinations For Summer Vacation

Are you planning to have your summer vacation on the beach? If you love the white sand, the sun and the water, then you should consider your next summer vacation at the beach. There are several famous beaches all over the world and most beach lovers prefer to visit the most popular and the hottest beaches. Spending your summer vacation abroad is a good choice and brings lots of advantages.

Can You See Lava at Kilauea Volcano?

Is it really possible to see lava at Kilauea volcano? Can you really get up close and personal with the lava like you see in many pictures, or are they all photo shopped?

Biltong, Sun and Other Fun Facts About South Africa

South Africa is a diverse landscape home to numerous species, a huge range of flora and with some geologically ancient landscapes. Humans have made their mark on the landscape and developed a distinctive culture over many millennia. Today, South African wines and unique dishes like biltong typify the produce while stunning game reserves and parks preserve the nations natural heritage.

Places for Adventure – One Day Team Outings in Bangalore

Every once in a while there is an incessant need to take a break from the mundane lull of work life. Bangalore offers the best natural getaways that borders on not only fun and excitement but adventure and mad rush too, that rejuvenates one to no end. Short, one day trips are great when it includes great places.

3 Reasons Why You Might NOT Want to Move Abroad

Although there should be nothing stopping you if you really want to go abroad, it is still a good idea to be honest with yourself about whether it really is the best thing to do in your situation. Here are three reasons why now might not be the best time to move abroad.

Family Adventures During Your Dartmouth Holiday

You are sometimes in quandary on where to spend your vacation and how to spend it so you and your family will really enjoy a truly memorable one. If you go on Dartmouth holidays, there will always be attractions and activities that will cater to each member’s interest.

Explore the Unexplored: Unique Adventures in Italy’s Castles

Stone fortresses perched atop rocky hilltops, crenellated towers, majestic palaces and romantic ruins – Italy’s cities and countryside are rife with castles testifying to its turbulent history. The range of castles, towers, battlements and ramparts date as far back as pre-Roman times, many having been restored to their original glory. Children and adults alike will thrill to the discoveries that castle adventures offer.

Egyptian Adventures – More Than Pyramids and Sphinx

When people think of Egyptian adventures, a scenery of endless desert and sandstorms enters their mind. Visions of the Sphinx, an enormous statue with a head of a human and a body of a lion, and the pyramids, triangular-shaped buildings that are used as a tomb for Egyptian pharaohs and their riches, are the usual things that come across a person’s mind when the word “Egypt” appears on their travel itinerary.

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