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Ecotourism, The New Frontier of Travelling

Ecotourism in Peru is not only a popular activity among tourists who visit the country, but you will also find it to be quite a rewarding experience. Ecotourism is considered to be a type of organized and responsible travel through the rivers and jungles of Peru, without causing any damage to the country’s ecosystems. When you take a trip to the Peruvian Amazon, you will have the opportunity to see the jungle’s vulnerable and delicate beauty with your own eyes and not through someone else’s eyes via magazine spreads. Additionally, you will see just how rare and fragile the fauna and flora in the Peruvian Amazon are, and why it is that so many naturists are determined to save the country’s ecosystems.

The Dream of Climbing Mount Everest? You Can Do It, Part 4

It’s time to get in the same shape as an Olympic athlete. Does it sound tough or even impossible? Well it certainly will be tough with all that training ahead of you, but if you really want to climb Everest you must be at the peak of your physical ability. This will give you a better chance of actually reaching the summit and to climb all the way down to Base Camp safe and sound.

How to Write Adventure Stories for Children

With many budding writers emerging each day, people find it difficult to select which writer’s work to read. Every one of them has their own unique style, theme and imaginative characters that are likely to attract readers. While many people become writers with a mission to create stories for adults, they neglect a very significant demographic segment – children. In fact, if only writers start to write adventure stories for kids, they can become famous just like J. K Rowling – the author of the widely popular Harry Potter series.

Unique Oregon Birding Tours

Over 520 species of birds have been recorded in Oregon. The state ranks 5th in number of birds on its checklist. Thus Oregon is a favorite destination for bird watchers. Fifty of these species, however, are best (or only) seen far off the shores in the Pacific Ocean. To see these species of seabirds birders must join a unique Oregon birding tour.

Items to Bring Along on Your African Safari

You want your inner layer to be wicking — no cotton. Next layer should be insulating and warm, and the top layer should be water proof but breathable. You will need clothes for hiking during the day, lounging in the evening, and…

Three Great Trekking Experiences

Trekking has always been a popular adventure holiday for those looking for a more active experience that still gives you time to take in the scenery. Choosing which destination to visit can be a tricky decision though; this article takes a look at some of the most breathtaking trekking holidays around the world, to give you an idea of what’s on offer.

Three Great Seychelles Diving Experiences

With its numerous marine parks, the Seychelles region is well known for its fantastic diving opportunities. The waters around the Seychelles islands tend to be fairly shallow, around 12 to 15 meters, making it ideal for novices. That’s not to say that experienced divers, on one of the many Seychelles holidays, won’t have anything to do though, as there are a number of more challenging diving experiences to be had in the Seychelles. This article takes a look at three typical Seychelles diving sites around the island of Mahe, to give you an idea of what’s on offer.

Koh Chang Tour

“Chang” means ‘elephant’ in Thai and represents something that has a characteristic of being large or gigantic. From its name, Koh Chang is an enormous island in the Gulf of Thailand and serves as the second largest island in Thailand.

Three Ideas For Grenada Outings

Let’s face it: as wonderful as some hotels can be, they are not usually the centrepiece of a holiday. Regardless of how many facilities and commodities they offer, they are ultimately simply the comfortable place to come back to after a day of sightseeing and enjoying your destination of choice. This is even more true when applied to somewhere like Grenada, where the sun and surf are the main selling points. As nice as Grenada hotels are – and, to be frank, most of them are fabulous – eventually, even the most sedentary of tourists will want to get out and about to explore the wonderful delights that await them. Not to mention, staying indoors at a beach resort pretty much defeats the purpose of the holiday to begin with!

Self-Drive Tour Around Northern Jamaica

Northern Jamaica is more than just sugar white sands and hammock swinging days: it’s an area of grand architecture and bustling towns. Markets pervade the streets with rainbow stalls of fruit; fishermen tote their catches to waterside stands; and locals go about their life with an air of utter relaxation. For those on a high end budget in northern Jamaica, luxury hotel accommodation is in abundance, offering sheer lavishness to well-heeled travellers.

The Dream of Climbing Mount Everest, You Can Do It Part 2

In the first part of our article The Dream of Climbing Mount Everest, You Can Do It, we wrote about how to embark upon this project. In this article we will continue with how to proceed thereafter. You should have a climbing program, an estimate of the cost and an idea of where to start as a beginner alpinist.

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