Eagle rays and turtles!

The Romance of Adventure Amidst the Himalayan Ranges!

One of the hottest honeymoon destinations for the newlyweds has been flooded with zillion of tourists across the world these days. No, I am not speaking about any of the European countries. Nor am I speaking about any adventure in our very own Goan beaches.

Embark on Adventure Holidays in Europe and Experience a Different World

You can explore Europe in different ways, and going on adventure holidays is one of them. While Europe is known for its culture and refinement, there are more heart-racing options for those who are looking forward to family adventure holidays in this captivating continent.

Top 10 Things To Do In India

India is bigger than life; a population that exceeds a billion, more than a million square miles of land and 23 official languages. But one common thread runs thru it; India floods your senses from every direction.

Shin-Aomori, Hirosaki, Owani Hot Spa

Shin-Aomori, Hirosaki, Owani Onsen, Ikarigaseki, As the train sped deeper up into northern honshu (mainland) there were visible signs of winter dotting the vast expanse of farmland and rice fields. It’s wonderful watching the scenery change from the comfort of your train window, especially from Tokyo. Between Tokyo to Sendai there was still fall foliage all over the landscape.

Subprefectures of Hokkaido

For those of you who are not familiar with the term subprefecture or (shicho) in japanese, is an area made up of over a dozens towns and cities in remotely located areas. These subprefectures work as branch offices that administer public services of the prefectural government. Without a doubt most townsfolk would rather have municipality status than to be subjugated to prefectural administration. This way they can write their own ordinances and establish their own local laws without having to be influenced or controlled by Shicho. Smaller government governs best plus better services. Unfortunately, the population has a lot to do with whether a town or a city can achieve municipality status. Nevertheless, these small little subprefectures offer some amazing getaways and are well worth getting in touch with your travel agent about. This essay will highlight some points about this area, and what’s recommended to do and see there.

Unique Vacations in Cambodia’s Outdoors

The Cambodian landscape offers adventure travelers a wealth of opportunities – the provinces of Siem Reap, Koh Ker, and Preah Vihear afford a gateway to Cambodia’s rich history, with their temples and shrines. The Mekong lowlands are another great area for explorers. For those seeking excitement and adventure there are plenty of heart stopping, pulse racing activities that Cambodia has on offer.

Exploring Cambodia’s Ratanakiri – An Eco Adventure Not to Be Missed

Family adventure in Cambodia starts with a trip to Ratanakiri. Popularly known as the “wild East,” this remote, enchanting, and beautiful region of the country lies in Cambodia’s northeast, the quintessence of the country’s emerging frontiers. A trip to Ratanakiri is packed with adventures galore.

Beyond Angkor Wat – Cambodia’s Sacred Shrines

Angkor Wat Temple is Cambodia’s legendary sacred temple, yet there are several other spiritual destinations unique in their own way. A trip to the floating village and many holy shrines of Cambodia are part and parcel of any journey in this country.

Thrill to the Wonders of Cambodia Off The Beaten Path

Adventurers these days are opting for Cambodia adventure travel holidays as the country has a lot to offer to get your adrenalin rushing. A relatively small country in the Indo-China peninsula, Cambodia or Kampuchea has largely remained unexplored as an adventure travel destination.

Fun Winter Recreational Ideas

When winter is in full swing, many people get depressed. What better way to bring a person out of the winter doldrums than to enjoy some of the many unique and astonishingly fun recreational opportunities that are only available in the winter time? Here are some excellent ideas to try: Skiing and Snowboarding What’s more fun that breezing down the slopes with the cold wind in your face.

Trekking In Nepal – Guides To Foreigners

Some years ago, in the country of Nepal that is blessed with a part of the Himalayan peak, trekkers were enjoying their mountaineering individually. But, recently it has been made compulsory by the local government that all tourists, who wish to take up trekking in Nepal, will have to be accompanied at least by a single government-approved guide or porter. This decision of the government was greatly accepted by the Trakking Agencies’ Association of Nepal.

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