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Explore Old West Colorado

So many people visit Colorado for skiing, vacationing or just passing through heading for a family vacation in the summer. But did you ever think about old west Colorado? There is so much history to this state and it wasn’t all that long ago. A few hundred years for the written word about Colorado and a few million for the development of the Rocky Mountains.

Why Would You Want to Visit Egypt? Sharm El Sheikh in the Sinai Peninsula

There is no direct flight from Luxor (which was our last stop on our trip around Egypt) to Sharm El Sheikh. You have to go via Cairo. However, on a clear day you will see the Suez Canal and the Sinai’s sandy desert and rugged mountains from the airplane. Make sure you get a window seat. What a very strange and alien place the Sinai is. A photo of Mars is the first thing that comes to mind; baked, sandy, rocky, and inhospitable. How could anyone live here and why would you want to visit such a place?

Mt Beauty Is the Hub of All the Exciting Activities in the Victorian Alps

Whoever thought of the name “Mt Beauty” told it like it is without wasting words. Mt Beauty is one of the most beautiful cities in the Australian Victorian Alps and at the hub of all the thrilling activities the area is well-known for.

Sunderban National Park

True to its name and the scenic beauty, Sundarban National Park is evident for its lush greenery, a place where the land meets the sea and of course the Royal Bengal Tigers. Needless to say it is largest Tiger Reserve and National Park in India and UNESCO, has included in the list of World Natural Heritage Sites in 1985.

Enchanting Hill Stations in India

Hill stations of India are cocooned in sheer natural beauty attracting tourists from across the globe. The majestic hills, snow-capped mountains, gorgeous valleys, lovely waterfalls, lush greenery, salubrious climate are the highlights of India hill stations.

Nevada Welcomes the Intergalactic Tourist

“Most people, when they look to the skies, see friend or foe. Not me, I’m a Nevadan. I see intergalactic tourists.” Nevada’s former Governor Robert Miller said in jest, at the highway naming ribbon cutting ceremonies in 1996.

Fiesta Hotel Tanit Ibiza a Heaven for Holiday Goers

Fiesta Tanit hotel is designed exclusively for holiday goers who wants to enjoy luxury and have some quality time while staying in the beautiful island Ibiza. The magnificent hotel offers all the basic amenities at a surprisingly low price.

Haunted Bhangarh Fort: The Ghost Town of Rajasthan

Bhangarh premises are enclosed by a partially ruined wall. Other than dwellings, ruins of Bhangarh also include gardens, havelis, banyan trees and temples of Lord Someshwar, gopinath, mangla devi and Keshava rai. But the enigmatic attraction is a secluded chhatri on the hill top which catches attention of all the travelers. In entirety, the random placement of all these sites within Bhangarh premises may look freighting and mysterious at the same time.

Rajasthan Travel and Holidays

Rajasthan travel and holidays are an enjoyable way to spending your vacation in India. Rajasthan is top in their list. So, if you are planning a trip this year, do make plans to come to Rajasthan.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Periyar is one of the known destinations of Kerala where tourists come in a large number to see the speckled charm of nature. Periyar National Park is the foremost attractions of this place famous across the globe for its exotic collections of flora, fauna and avifauna.

South India Wildlife Tours

South India wildlife is a fascinating attraction of India. South India is famous for its wildlife destinations such as Kumarakom bird sanctuary, Periyar national park, Eravikulam National park and Wayanad wildlife sanctuary.

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