December 29, 2022

It Just Takes A Moment To Purchase The Right Medical Travel Insurance

Can you imagine traveling overseas and being caught up in a medical emergency? The full benefits of traveling abroad with the proper insurance coverage is explained.

Totally Wild Botswana – The Ultimate Safari Destination

Years ago, while at Los Angeles International Airport waiting for my flight to London, which was scheduled to go on to Nairobi, Kenya, I noticed a huge guy all decked out in safari gear carrying a long narrow case. Very excited about departing on my own African safari, I asked this guy what he had in the case. He revealed to me that he was on his way to Botswana for a hunting safari, hunting rifle and all.

In The Fields With a Pulque Producing Family in Oaxaca, Mexico

Getting out into the fields to witness the harvest of honey water (aguamiel), the first step in making pulque, is one of the most interesting and educational experiences one could hope to have on a visit to Oaxaca, Mexico. Santiago Matatlan, where most pulque in the region is produced, is only an hour’s drive from Oaxaca.

Adventure Vacation: Jamaica’s Best Attraction

If I had to choose only one attraction in Jamaica, I would choose Dunn’s River Falls. Your trip to Jamaica will not be complete if you do not include this tour in your itinerary.

A Gratifying Experience at the Dandenongs Ranges

Everybody will surely find the Dandenongs such a wonderful place to visit and a very rewarding experience for the entire family. Take a trip to the Dandenongs Ranges and it will definitely be one of the most cherished moments in your life.

Water Sports to Enjoy in Torquay

Torquay is best known for its crystal clear waters, azure skies, and scenic views. Enjoy a fine day at the beach during your Torquay holidays with the family. First, get accommodations at the luxurious holiday cottages so you can be closer to all the tourist destinations.

Jamaica: Best Volunteer Story Of 2010

It was early, I was tired, and the beautiful tropical climate was somewhat of a shock to my system, however the moment I stepped into the hallway of the Mount Salus Basic School, all concerns about exhaustion and heat vanished. Tiny bodies in identical blue-and-white uniforms flew down the hall, embracing me from all directions. The children ages two through six years old had instantly and unconditionally accepted me as a cherished friend.

Plan Journey Ahead

Turkey has turned to be one of the highly preferred holiday destinations in the world. Many people are showing great interest in visiting Turkey to spend the next holidays in the most beautiful manner. This is mainly due to the emergence of the country with great developments in the tourism sector.

Ten Reasons Why People Travel on Safari

When we go on a safari we make a point of chatting to other visitors and over the past sixteen years we have compiled the following list of top ten motives people leave the comfort of their homes in order to travel to unfamiliar Southern or East Africa on safari. If you have been on safari, or are thinking of going, see if your motive ties up with any of the ten that are listed here.

Kenya and Tanzania Safari

The two greatest safari destinations in Africa lie back to back with each other, neighbouring and sharing many eco-systems which crossover, I am of course talking about Kenya and Tanzania. Between these countries, there are so many National Parks and Game Reserves which can be visited, but the aim of this guide is to give you only the very best ones, so that you can create an amazing safari itinerary which combines the two places into one holiday.

Lewa Downs Safari Camp – A Romantic Getaway Spot

The eyes of the world were recently focused upon Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya, as Prince William chose the romantic spot to propose to his girlfriend, Kate Middleton. The view from the Lewa Downs Safari Camp is gorgeous. To the south of the camp, the visitor is treated to breathtaking views of Mount Kenya.

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